Another Home and Away on-set friendship? Ethan Browne and Jacqui Purvis gush over each other on set

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There are few things more exciting for fans of Home and Away than when two beloved actors become great mates.

Well, it looks like one friendship could be blossoming between Ethan Browne and Jacqui Purvis after a very telling post was shared on Instagram from the soap’s set.

Jacquie, who plays Felicity on the show, posted four pictures featuring Ethan with a cheeky caption poking fun at the actor.

“Sometimes I get to work with @atlas143 … it’s tough,” she wrote.

Their friendship is one full of sarcasm.

(Credit: Instagram)

However, it wasn’t her words that caused a frenzy but the picture of them looking at each other.

Jacqui also posted two images of Ethan smelling flowers and another blurry snap of them laughing together.

In her comment section Ethan, who plays Tane Parata fired back by writing, “It’s a struggle for me too 😬 , but I’m a professional and get on with it as best as I can.”

On set shenanigans make up time between scenes.

(Credit: Instagram)

Ethan shared a picture of himself in a car with Jacqui as he posed with a walkie talkie.

“Away shoot with this nuisance,” he captioned the telling shot.

This isn’t the first time the pair have shown off their friendship – in August Jacqui posted two black and white pictures of her piggybacking on Ethan, which she captioned, “Behind the scenes with E.T.”

That post also inspired speculation from fans with one querying, “Are you both good friends?”

“We were work buddies first, and it’s helped us work well together now.”

(Credit: Instagram)

It isn’t just friendship that grows on the Home and Away set, there are also a few couples to come out of the show.

Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor are a long-term couple that originally met in acting school in Queensland, but over the years their bond grew and reached new heights since they joined Home and Away.

“We were work buddies first, and it’s helped us work well together now, so we’re lucky in that regard,” Sophie told Now To Love earlier this year.

“It’s nice to have a relationship built on friendship. At the core we are best mates first and we treat each other like that, but it’s also made our relationship stronger starting out that way.”

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Fans also adore James Stewarts and Sarah Roberts who met on the show when Sarah joined the cast as Willow in 2017.

In fact, Sarah admitted that their romantic scenes together felt completely natural.

“There’s real chemistry, so it’s easy – I don’t even have to act!” she explained.

In 2019 the couple tied the knot twice – first during a casual affair in Sydney’s Coogee for the official signing of the papers, followed by their glamorous nuptials in an Irish castle.

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