Madden makes a dramatic arrest on Home and Away

''Cash clues onto the many discrepancies in Madden's investigation!''
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The showdown between Cash and Madden takes a dangerous turn this week when Dana is arrested. Now, her fate lies in the hands of a corrupt cop…

In Home and Away, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) has appealed to the Anti-Corruption Board to hear him out.

He knows detective Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky) is dodgy, but can’t prove it – yet.

Cash believes he knows how they can take down Madden.

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The policeman became suspicious when Dana (Ally Harris), who is wanted on drug charges she’s innocent of, revealed that her statement was missing her alibi. Something she told exclusively to Madden.

“Cash clues onto the many discrepancies in Madden’s investigation,” Nicholas tells TV WEEK. “After that, it’s red flag after red flag.”

“I don’t think Cash anticipates quite how far Madden is willing to go.”

Fugitive Dana has been in hiding at Irene’s…

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The next day, the situation worsens when Irene (Lynne McGranger) learns about Harper’s (Jessica Redmayne) stowaway sister.

Shortly after, Madden arrives on Irene’s doorstep demanding to see Harper right now.

The sisters prepare to accept their fate, but Irene takes a stand: she tells Madden to get a warrant or get out.

… With the help of her sister Harper.

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While Madden schemes with another corrupt colleague, Fletcher (James Biasetto), Cash turns up to lower the tension at Irene’s.

Dana contemplates coming clean, but Cash urges them to hang on – he believes he can expose Madden once and for all.

“Cash simply isn’t willing to stand by and witness police corruption,” Nicholas says.

What’s dirty cop Madden’s agenda for Dana?

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“The consequences are irrelevant to him, because he feels so strongly about his course of action.”

But for all his efforts, it could be too little too late for the siblings. Madden has secured a warrant and is coming for Harper.

To save her big sister, Dana comes out of hiding and Madden makes his triumphant arrest. Has Dana made a huge mistake?

Watch Home And Away Monday to Wednesday 7:00pm on Channel Seven and 7Plus.

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