From Ramsay Street to Summer Bay: Harley Bonner joins the cast of Home and Away

''I’m loving it!''
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He’s a familiar face on Australian screens thanks to his role as Josh Willis in Neighbours, but now he’s making the move from Ramsay Street to Summer Bay to join the cast of Home and Away.

Harley Bonner makes his on-screen debut tonight in the mid-season return of the hit show, playing newcomer Dr Logan Bennett who attends the shocking scene of the crash fans witnessed in the mid-season finale.

Keep an eye out for newcomer Harley Bonner on Home and Away.

(Image: Channel Seven)

We catch up with the actor to find out more about his new gig and what it’s like to play Dr Bennett.

What can fans expect to see in this first episode, picking up at the crash site where Dean, Mia and Nikau are injured?

Logan arrives at the scene by helicopter before rappelling down to the crash site to assess the severity of everyone’s injuries. Logan’s priority is to get to the crash site safely, assess who’s in most danger and take care of them. In this case, it’s Dean. Dean’s life is on the line for sure. It’s very lucky that Logan arrives with his unique set of skills.

What was it like shooting the scenes with the chopper and rappelling to the crash?

It felt very cool harnessing up and learning the technique, but the hill was quite little. I probably could have gone down safely in a handstand! But speaking to the real rescue professionals on set that day, they told me that they would harness up no matter what.

Dr Logan Bennett is on the scene in Summer Bay.

(Image: Channel Seven)

How have you found your time in Summer Bay so far?

I’m loving it. It’s exactly what I expected, just with new people to work with.

Does it feel very different to Neighbours?

Logan and Josh are very different characters. I loved playing Josh back in the day, and he was a great outlet for the dominant aspects of my personality. From 21 to 24, I was a little more fiery. Thirty is a different ball game. Still fiery [laughs], but Logan gives me the opportunity to be cheeky and playful every day. He’s been a real joy.

Who have you enjoyed working with?

Emily Weir [who plays Mackenzie] has been a godsend. So much fun. And Paddy [Patrick O’Connor] is a great dude and was super-welcoming. Don’t tell him I said something nice about him!

Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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