EXCLUSIVE: Don Hany spills on his Neighbours return and a potential Offspring reboot

''I’d be excited.''
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Neighbours had a rare change up last year when renowned Aussie actor Don Hany took over the role of Pierce Greyson from Tim Robards.

With Tim returning to Sydney for the birth of his daughter, Don stepped in to wrap up Pierce’s storyline on the show, which involved an illicit affair with Dipi (played by Sharon Johal).

The open-ended departure from Ramsay Street made way for a possible return, and that’s exactly what’s about to unfold on screen.

Arriving back in town to close a business deal and check on his son, Hendrix, Pierce naturally also checks in with ex-wife Chloe. Cue the drama.

Don took over from Tim last year.

(Channel Ten)

“It’s like putting on a pair of old socks,” Don Hany tells Now To Love exclusively of his return to set, “There’s a lot of familiarity about it and you know how lucky you are straight away to be coming back.”

As for his character’s return, things may be familiar but certainly not as smooth running.

“With all good intentions he’s coming back,” he says, “He’s a bit curious about what’s going on with Chloe, but I think he really wants to know, how things have progressed with his son.”

“When he finds out that they [Chloe and Nicolette] have moved in together, her mum’s moved in and it’s his old place, it’s just a little bit much for him.”

Pierce isn’t surprised by Chloe and Nicolette’s relationship but he is shocked by how fast it’s moved.

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While Pierce’s visit will be brief, the door will remain open for Don and the character. Not only that, but there are some juicy story lines Don teases may lead to that very comeback.

“It’s open-ended but there’s another plan afoot which he’d definitely be curious about and how that plays out later on. It’s a complex one to monitor.

“There are a few irons in the fire on this next development; I think it’s pretty exciting.”

Don’s acting resume has been a rich tapestry of Aussie dramas prior to Neighbours, appearing in shows like Underbelly, Picnic At hanging Rock and Bad Mothers.

Australia fell in love with Dr Havel as fast as Nina did.


But one of his most memorable roles will always be on hit series, Offspring, as heartthrob and OG love interest, Dr Chris Havel.

Naturally, we had to ask if a reboot or reunion could be on the cards.

“I’d be so up for that, it would be so much fun.

“There are a lot of things that would have to fall into place for something like that to happen but I’d be excited to be a part of it.”

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