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How well do you know our new Bachelorette, Sophie Monk?

From Bardot to The Bachelorette - Sophie Monk's come a long way since her Popstar days.
Sophie Monk

New Bachelorette Sophie Monk

She started out as a popstar

She’s gearing up to find love on the small screen, but Miss Monk’s been on our TV many times before!

Yep, before signing on to date a selection of men in front of the nation, Sophie got her big break as one of the five members of noughties girl group, Bardot.

Soph beat out thousands of women for her chance to star on reality TV show Popstars, which followed her and bandmates, Belinda Chapple, Sally Polihronas, Katie Underwood and Chantelle Barry as they dominated the local charts.

The girls gained early success with their debut single Poison, before it all came crashing down when Katie left the group with the rest of the group breaking up soon after.

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She had a very close brush with Marilyn Monroe

Fact! During the ’90s, Sophie worked as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator at Warner Bros. Movie World to pay the rent.

With her blonde locks and pouty lips, she made the perfect blonde bombshell.

She tried to make it big in Hollywood

Before launching her career as a radio host and winning the most recent season of Celebrity Apprentice, Sophie moved to LA to try her luck at acting.

While she had a promising start starring alongside Adam Sandler in Click and the spoof comedy Date Movie, the Aussie star failed to make her mark and she soon packed her bags and headed home.

Sophie first graced our screens in 2000 on Popstars.

She’s could have been Nicole Richie’s sister-in-law

It’s no wonder Sophie’s decided to have a crack at finding The One on the Bachelorette as she’s been pretty unlucky in love so far.

Her most famous ex was Benji Madden, the brother of Nicole’s hubby Joel Madden. The pair met after Sophie made the move to Hollywood and they became engaged in 2007 after dating for a year but the relationship turned sour and the pair called it off in 2008.

Sophie later returned Down Under and was engaged to businessman Jimmy Esebag, although the two never made it to the altar. And late last year, the rumourmill went into meltdown after she was snapped kissing NRL player Eric Grothe Jr. but their fling was short-lived.

Sophie revealed to Kyle and Jackie O: “We’ve been dating on and off for, like, a couple of years, and no-one really knew. You know how it is when you [go] public, and it creates drama. We wanted to keep it special. It’s been on and off forever, but now it’s off again.”

She also dated Lara Bingle’s now husband, Sam Worthington.

“I wanna be happy for them [Lara and Sam], but it really annoys me. Did Lara steal Sam from Sophie? No. We finished it. We’re just very different people,” she admitted of their romance in 2013.

Sophie Monk and Benji Madden during their romance.

She had a stalker

In a scary turn of events, one fan went too far with Sophie being cyber stalked in 2013. Scary stuff!

The obsessed fan allegedly bombarded her with threatening posts. Sophie took out legal actions against the Tasmanian man, who pleaded guilty to sending violent and sexually suggestive social media messages to the star.

In fact, the ordeal was so terrifying that the 37-year-old later revealed she had to “sleep with the light on” whenever in Australia because of it.

Well, fingers crossed she’ll soon have a man to keep her safe at night!

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