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Who is Don Burke and where is he now?

13 years after Burke's Back yard was cancelled where is Don Burke now?
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Burke’s Backyard was one of Australia’s most iconic lifestyle programs sharing tips on everything from lawn care, books, recipes and how to care for budgies.

The theme song sticks in your head, in fact most Australian’s could probably at least hum the catchy riff today, and of course, it’s impossible to forget the show’s charismatic host, Don Burke.

Who is Don Burke?

In 2004 Don was a household name and was reported to have a net worth of $7.2 million, despite this, 2004 and was also the year Burke’s Back Yard axed from the Nine Network.

Don and his Wife, Marea Burke, nurtured the show together for over 17 years, he was the host while Marea ran their company, CTC Productions.

As well as Burke’s Backyard, CTC productions also ran popular home renovation programs Backyard Blitz and Renovation Rescue.

Don, now aged 70, is a noted television presenter, producer, author, environmental campaigner, landscaper and budgie breeder.

These days Don Burke concentrates on working on numerous environmental campaigns.

In late November 2017, Burke came into the spotlight again following sexual assault and bullying allegations from over 50 people.

Who is Don Burke’s Wife?

Don and his wife Marea in 2014.

Don has been married to his wife Marea Burke for over 50 years. She runs the couple’s media company, CTC Productions, which (as mentioned above) ran several successful lifestyle and home renovation programs. Marea also worked closely with Burke’s Backyard magazine, which was axed in 2013.

Famously quiet about their private lives, in 2015 the pair shared a rare glimpse into their world.

Don and his wife Marea sat down with A Current Affair host Tracey Grimshaw revealing to her and the country the incredibly difficult battle that they have been fighting for over 15-years. Don’s wife with Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). It is an abnormal collection of blood vessels, like varicose veins, sitting on top of her brain – when untreated it can be fatal.

The family came together to help Marea pull through this terrible time.

They referred to each other as soulmates in the interview.

Does Don Burke have kids?

Don Burke has two children, daughter Christine who was an executive producer of Burke’s Backyard and a son Sean, who produced a Sunday football show. He and his wife also have two grandsons.

When did Burke’s Backyard finish and why was it cancelled?

Burke’s Backyard was axed in 2004 from the Nine Network by television executive after running for 17 years, a decision which he apparently called “stupid” at the time.

While the exact reason for the show being cancelled is not known, the usual reasons have been speculated in the past including a drop in ratings and difficult behavior from some involved.

Don Burke still runs the Burke’s Backyard website and social media accounts as well as presenting Burke’s Backyard radio segments.

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