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Who is Conrad Sewell? Meet the Healing Hands singer before you start seeing him EVERYWHERE

He's toured with Ed Sheeran and performed for Royalty... Who is Conrad Sewell?
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This may not be the first time you’ve heard of Conrad Ignatius Mario Maximilian Sewell (with a name like that, this was a guy bound to be famous).

The boy from Brisbane burst onto the music scene back in 2014, and at the ARIA Music Awards in 2015 he won Song of the Year for Start Again, a song he co-wrote and which was almost given to Kylie Minogue until the music man decided “it didn’t sound like a Kylie song.”

He and his band toured with Ed Sheeran, and he made a move to LA, but admits himself that he was temporarily distracted by “partying”.

Now he’s older, wiser and he’s about to be EVERYWHERE.

He’s already preformed on The Voice (see full clip above).

Here’s everything you need to know about 30-year-old Conrad Sewell.


His band performed for the Princess of Monaco

In 2015, Sewell told Rolling Stone about the time he and his band Son’s Of Midnight played for the Princess of Monaco in Paris.

“Once we played for the Princess of Monaco in Paris. We were the biggest ducks ever, wearing rented tuxedos. We trashed the party, took a bunch of girls and champagne in limos underneath the Eiffel Tower and set up an acoustic show. It was like a Hilary Duff movie.”

Hmm, we must have missed that Hilary Duff movie.

Conrad Sewell at the TV Week Logie awards in 2016.

Drug and alcohol addiction

While he is now sober and concentrating on his music, the Healing Hands singer told ToneDeaf that he struggled with drugs and alcohol during his rise to fame.

“When I was about to play in one of the biggest bucket list moments of my life, I blacked out before I played,” he reveals to the music magazine. “I was up the whole night before […]. I took a second and thought, what the f**k was I doing?”

“I was drunk a lot. And I was a party boy. And I have a bit of a reputation of it in the industry and outside the industry […] It is something I personally battle with and struggle with.


He’s dating Cody Simpson’s sister AND his sister’s famous too

Yep, that’s right – it’s a small world!

Conrad’s little sister is the singer Grace Sewell, known simply as Grace has also reached international fame through music and is best known for her cover of Lesley Gore’s 1963 song, ‘You Don’t Own Me.’

The 30-year-old’s Instagram also leads us to believe he’s dating Alli Simpson, the sister of fellow muso, Cody Simpson.

The below photo was shared just one month ago and shows Conrad holding Alli, alongside the caption:

“Happy Birthday Beautiful girl. Everyday gets better and better with you in my life. Very proud of you and love you to pieces 💕❤️”


Conrad has just announced he’s signed with Aussie music label, Sony Music – which means we’ll no doubt continue to see this rising star shining on.

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