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EXCLUSIVE: Emma Watkins reveals big career struggle after The Wiggles

''I'm not really coping''
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After leaving children’s entertainment juggernaut The Wiggles in December, Emma Watkins, 33, is reaching dizzying new heights as solo artist Emma Memma.

And while her new home in the country is providing some solace from her demanding schedule, Emma says Lego Masters: Bricksmas was just the thing she needed to cap off an insane year.

Emma Watkins has opened up about her big career struggles after leaving The Wiggles

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We’re loving seeing you on Lego Masters: Bricksmas! Honestly, it was truly the best experience I’ve ever had. Have you always been into Lego?

I did have Lego as a kid. But I had only one set that was a horse stable and it had little pot plants with flowers. I had no expectations but I had the best time. My partner on the show [Gerhard, or G, from season one] is the funniest person I’ve ever met. We’re now besties. It’s completely changed my world.

So you’re a Lego convert now?

Completely. I totally understand why people play it at all ages, it’s so meditative. I’ve now bought my own set.

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You’re up against other celebs – Darren Palmer, Poh Ling Yeow and Lincoln Lewis – who’s your biggest competition?

They’re all amazing! We all got on so well. We’ve got a Lego Masters group chat now.

You’re on a bit of a run with reality shows after The Masked Singer. Would you ever do anything else? Celebrity Gogglebox?

Well, [my husband] Ollie [Oliver Brian] and I, have never had a TV [laughs]. We’d been on tour a lot, but now we’ve actually slowed down a bit. We’ve finally got around to buying a TV for the first time and we’d probably enjoy that quite a bit. But Ollie watches a lot of documentaries, so I think for the general punter that might be quite boring.

Emma revealed that she and her husband have never had a TV until recently and would struggle to appear on shows like Celebrity Googlebox.

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You debuted your new character, Emma Memma, this year after leaving The Wiggles, so how is it being solo?

I’m pretty overwhelmed, to be honest. For it to be received in this way, I’m basically in a state of shock. I’m not really coping.

Do your fans still get confused when they see you in public? Do you still get Emma Wiggle?

Mostly Emma Wiggle. Like at the post office. But I’ve always been Emma, right?

Do you ever wish you could go out and not get recognised at all?

Oh yeah, but it’s so lovely. I mean, most people who recognise me are children. I’m so fortunate and everyone’s always excited – it’s lovely.

She has recently debuted her new online persona, Emma Memma, but says she still predominantly gets recognised as Emma Wiggle.

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Do you still get a cut of the Wiggles merch?

[Laughs] I think there’s probably going to be some of that for many years. Even my mum has a whole cupboard full of it. But Emma Memma merch is coming!

You’ve been married for six months now – is it bliss?

We’ve recently moved to the country and it’s just lovely to be at home. I don’t know if you can hear but Ollie is downstairs and he’s mixing the next Emma Christmas song. I think for us to be able to do our recording at home – we built a little studio here – it’s just given us so much freedom. And it’s just lovely to be able to work together.

So you’re loving country life then?

It’s so good, it’s so relaxed and the people are so beautiful. The air is beautiful and there are so many animals here. We’ve got wombats in our street!

But you’ll be returning to the city soon for your sold-out concert at the Opera House in December?

Yes! I don’t even know what to do with myself – 2023 is going to be a very big year.

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