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EXCLUSIVE: Travel Guides’ Jono Fren reveals his fairytale wedding to his long-time partner Danielle Clark – with a surprise reality star MC

The reality TV family come together for a special day.
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Travel Guides’ resident funny family the Frens are famous for giving fans a chuckle with their kooky antics and good-natured bickering on the hit Nine series.

And the reality stars – Mark, Cathy, Jono and Victoria – stayed true to form as they came together to witness Jono, 30, wed his partner of two years, Danielle Clark, also 30, 
in the picturesque NSW Hunter Valley region on June 5.

The romantic afternoon ceremony at the rustic Calvin Estate in Luskintyre kicked off with a flurry of confetti, as the couple’s “flower man” –their mutual friend BJ – made his way down the aisle to the sounds of AC/DC’s TNT and raucous laughter from the couple’s 110 guests.

This also included the Frens’ Travel Guides co-stars Matt and Brett, Kev, Dorian and Teng, Kevin and Janetta, and Mel and Stack.

The couple were overjoyed to tie the knot!

(Credit: Phillip Castleton)

It wasn’t the only surprise in store for wedding-goers.

The bride and groom also roped in former Married At First Sight and I’m 
A Celebrity… star Ryan Gallagher, 33, to be their MC for the night.

“Jono’s met him over the years at various events and [Ryan] just said, ‘Have you organised an MC? If you haven’t, I’d be more than happy to do it,'” Danielle, a pharmacy retail manager, tells Woman’s Day.

What didn’t come as a shock was the fact that Jonathan found his happily ever after with Danielle, who he met on dating app Tinder in 2019 and popped the question just seven months later!

“They’re a great match,” says his mum Cathy, 57.

“They really complement each other. They’re madly in love and they’re really caring towards each other.”

Jono and Danielle with their MC, MAFS 
star Ryan

(Credit: Phillip Castleton)

And the father of the groom agrees. “She brings out really good qualities in him,” dad Mark, 59, tells.

“We’re so proud of him, we’re so proud of her.”

Little sister Victoria, 28, agrees that Danielle has brought her introverted 
brother out of his shell.

“Individually they’re both quiet people, but when they’re out and about together they’re the total opposite – they’re really outgoing and keen to party,” she says.

And the lovebirds were certainly eager to show off their first dance to This I Promise You by Ronan Keating in the fairy light-studded wine barrel storage hall, decked out with roses and gum leaves by Heather Davy Florist, a champagne wall and a sparkling chandelier by Opulent Events.

Sister Victoria, dad Mark and mum Cathy couldn’t be happier for Jono

(Credit: Phillip Castleton)

But the real show stopper 
was the couple’s three-tier wedding cake by Bec’s Custom Creations, with lemon, caramel and white chocolate layers.

The sweetest moment of 
the day for the groom, though,”was seeing Danielle for the first time”.

Jono tells Woman’s Day, “It’s the best feeling marrying my best friend and someone I want to spend forever with. I am extremely lucky to have made my first ever girlfriend my wife.”

“Jono’s a true gentleman. He’s just amazing,” says Danielle.

(Credit: Phillip Castleton)

The Travel Guides crew partied with the bride 
and groom!

(Credit: Phillip Castleton)

But while Jono’s keen to keep his new bride by his side – and she’s changing her last name to Fren – don’t expect Danielle to appear on upcoming seasons of Travel Guides.

“I don’t like the limelight. I wouldn’t want to be on TV,” she says. “I’ll just carry bags in the background or something!”

However, Jono’s family suspect the pair will have another project on the way soon… “I think a baby will be within the next few months,” says Victoria. “A few months… plus nine!” Adds an excited Mark, “We’ve already worked out our grandparent names!”

And Jono confirms he’s more than ready for fatherhood.

“Definitely!” he says. “A whole new Fren family!”

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