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Who will replace Tracy Grimshaw? The contenders for the legacy’s seat has been posted

The bosses are rushing to find a replacement.
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Tracy Grimshaw announced her departure from the Channel Nine program A Current Affair in mid-September, and since then, bosses have scrambled to find her replacement.

However, the network is reportedly close to revealing who will try to live up to Tracy’s legacy.

Channel Nine have allegedly selected two prominent on-air talent to be the final contenders for the position.

The contenders have been narrowed down to two people.

(Image: Nine)

The Sunday Telegraph has reported the 60 Minutes reporter Sarah Abo and 2GB radio host and previous Today host Deborah Knight will be competing for the coveted role.

Previous reports have identified Georgie Gardner, Leila Mckinnon, Carrie Bickmore, Sarah Harris, Stan Grant and Melissa Doyle as considerations for Tracy’s seat at A Current Affair.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, there have also been rumours that Today show host Allison Langdon had shown some interest in the position. She was also a former reporter on 60 Minutes.

A Channel Nine source revealed that Tracy wanted to quit her job two years ago when she turned 60-years-old.

She announced her departure in September.

(Image: Instagram)

“Tracy is one of the most loyal friends you could ever have, and she loves Nine and appreciates all the opportunities she’s been afforded over the years, but she just felt she’d given enough and it was time.”

While the television legend’s announcement shocked numerous fans and even some A Current Affair staff members, Tracey had made it clear that she wanted to leave the spotlight.

“Lately I have personally been thinking longer term, and I have some news that I wanted you to hear from me before you hear it from anyone,” she told viewers.

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“I’ve decided to finish up with A Current Affair this year, it’s been a big decision, huge actually … I want you to know it’s been my decision alone and I’m not being shoved out the door by the boys’ club because I’m too old.

“I’m not too old, I’m just a bit tired. For the record both the boys and girls have asked me to stay.”

The veteran journalist continued to discuss her career, in which she began as a flight attendant: “so if you’d told me that one day I’d sit in this chair, let alone occupy it for 17 years, I’d have thought you were mad.”

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