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Tom Cruise injures himself on set of Mission Impossible 6 following a shocking stunt-gone-wrong

He's used to doing his own stunts, but this one didn't quite go to plan...
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Hollywood veteran Tom Cruise appears to have hurt himself while filming the next installment of Mission: Impossible after shockingly slamming into a wall.

In the stunt, the 55-year-old actor was attempting to leap across two buildings when he fell short and landed on the wall. In the video of the incident, released by TMZ, he pulls himself and tries to carry on like a true action hero but he can’t hide his bad limp. The crew on set then use a pulley system to bring him safely back to the first platform.

Cruise’s reps have not yet released a statement about the incident, so it’s unclear how bad the injury is.


Hurling himself across buildings is no new feat for the actor. Cruise is well-known for doing his own stunts – in the new The Mummy reboot, he did 64 takes of a plane crash scene in zero gravity.

The action star has been injured on movie sets previously, including the iconic 1986 film, Top Gun (which is set to get a sequel in 2019). In a scene where Cruise’s character Maverick was holding his on-screen fighter pilot friend in the ocean, Cruise’s parachute began to fill with water.

According to his co-star Barry Tubb (who played Wolfman), a stunt frogman quickly noticed and cut Cruise loose before he sank.

Cruise appeared to leap off the platform too soon. Image: Splash News

Tubb previously told The New York Post, “Cruise came as close to dying as anybody on a set I’ve ever seen. They would have never found him. He would have been at the bottom of the ocean.” Scary stuff.

M: I 6 is due to hit screens on July 27, 2018. Let’s hope he makes a speedy recovery!

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