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The worst photoshop fails ever

At 68, Diane Keaton is still one of the world's most beautiful women but she obviously doesn't look good enough for L'Oreal, which has been accused of over-airbrushing her for a new ad.
Diane Keaton photoshop

At 68, Diane Keaton is still one of the world’s most beautiful women but she obviously doesn’t look good enough for L’Oreal, which has been accused of over-airbrushing her for a new ad.

Keaton appeared on the Golden Globes stage last night sporting a refreshingly natural-looking face but immediately after her speech ended, the telecast cut to a L’Oreal ad which featured a heavily-retouched Keaton looking nothing like she did on screen just seconds earlier.

Viewers quickly turned to Twitter complain about Keaton’s new wrinkle-free face.

“Worst commercial placement ever. Diane Keaton wrinkled on #GoldenGlobes then ageless and wrinkle-free in L’Oreal wrinkle serum commercial,” one viewer wrote.

Another added: “Wow L’Oréal. Great timing. I guess Diane Keaton stopped using your product! #GoldenGlobes.”

Others praised Keaton for ageing gracefully without turning to plastic surgery or Botox.

Unfortunately, L’Oreal aren’t only brand guilty of a little overzealous retouching – here are some of the most embarrassing Photoshop fails.

Diane Keaton appears noticeably smoother in the L’Oreal Paris cosmetic commercial.

Lady Gaga thought Glamour magazine made her skin look “too perfect” and her hair “too soft”.

Teen queen Demi Lovato was dramatically slimmed by US Cosmopolitan.

Kate Winslet was horrified by the retouching on this GQ cover.

Redbook magazine dramatically slimmed country singer Faith Hill’s arm in this shot.

Heavy airbrushing appears to have removed a chunk of Demi Moore’s hip in W magazine.

Glamour appears to have removed part of Kristen Stewart’s arm in this shot.

Mariah Carey dropped about three dress sizes thanks to Elle.

What did Elle do with Kylie Minogue’s foot?

The model on the right of this Elle cover has a scarily stretched neck.

Russian Vogue vanished this model’s elbow.

Elle shaved inches off Jessica Simpson’s physique.

Mariska Hartigay appears stretched and elongated on the cover of Good Housekeeping.

Marie Claire elongated Eva Mendes’ neck and airbrushed her face almost beyond recognition.

UK Grazia infamously slimmed the Duchess of Cambride’s already tiny waist.

Good Housekeeping also appears to have crudely pasted Michelle Obama’s head from one body shot to another.

Tina Fey’s neck looks odd in this InStyle shot.

Wrinkle-free at 46? Sarah Jessica Parker looks very youthful on the cover of Vogue.

William has been made to look like a boy band member by Hello! magazine.

America Ferrera’s head looks like it has been cut and pasted from another shot on the cover of Glamour magazine.

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