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The Project’s former hosts put their long-standing feud to rest

There was a lot of drama behind the scenes.
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They were an unstoppable duo on The Project, but Dave ‘Hughsey’ Hughes and Charlie Pickering were not always the best buddies behind the scenes.

While speaking on 2DAY FM’s Hughsey, Ed & Erin, the television personality Charlie revealed they had a major argument over an interview and a major altercation.

They had an “enormous” fight.

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“But it came from, and I hope you agree, a very good place where we both just cared so much about the show,” Charlie said.

Both Charlie and Dave started the program in 2009, but finished in 2014 and 2013 respectively. One of their biggest fights, which Charlie called a “A-grade fight” happened just before Hughsey departed The Project.

Allegedly neither parties wanted to back down.

“I’ll never forget just before just before Hughesy left the show … we had our biggest fight,” he said.

Charlie departed the show in 2014.

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“It was enormous, and it was about what questions we were going to ask a guest who was a former high court judge who had a book coming out.

“We ended up in the office of the executive producer, Chris Walker, and it was enormous, like this fight was amazing.”

It was revealed they often had heated discussions behind the scenes while rushing to change out of their suits in order to get home to their families.

Hughsey added they often discussed who jumped on someone else’s joke or who said something out of line while on-air.

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The pair even got into physical blows over the novel, ‘What Would Gandi Do?’ which they all laughed over the irony of the situation.

Despite their differences, it has been nearly ten years since their altercation and it seems they have put their feud aside as Charlie now has nothing but respect for his former co-host.

Charlie even made a surprise return to The Project in mid-February, but this time as a guest promoting his role as team caption on Ten’s Would I Lie to You? Australia.

“A lot of memories. A lot of memories coming back here,” the 45-year-old said

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