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Matilda doesn’t look like this anymore

The little cutie with magical powers and a red bow is all grown up!

She was the little cutie with magical powers and a red bow in Matilda but now she’s all grown up!

The former child actress Mara Wilson starred in some of the most popular films in the 90s including Mrs Doubtfire and Miracle on 34th Street, but today, the 28-year-old still has that cheeky grin and the bangs.

Mara (on the right) with journalist Katie Couric

She’s penned a memoir called Where Am I Now? True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame in which she talks candidly about late Robin Williams while filming Mrs Doubtfire in 1993.

In 2012, Mara announced she quit acting because it’s “not very fun”.

She now works for Publicolor, an organisation that focuses on the psychological effects of colour, plus she’s also written a Broadway play, called Sheeple.

Her next adventure is to break into young adult novels.

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