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The Commando reveals baby Axel’s teething struggles

The Biggest Loser trainer confessed his very military approach to fatherhood while revealing that his nine-month-old son is experiencing his first dose of pain.
Michelle Bridges, the commando

Michelle and Commando met on the set of hit weightloss show, The Biggest Loser.

Sitting down for a candid chat on Channel 7’s The Morning Show, Steve “The Commando” Willis revealed this his mini-me son is having a hard time growing into his mouth.

When asked how the precious cherub was doing, the 40-year-old quipped: “He’s fantastic although he’s going through some teething at the moment and he’s got a bit of a cold, so it’s his first taste of pain.”

The burly trainer, who goes by the motto “no pain, no gain” then joked, “I just keep saying mate, ‘suck it up, no excuses!’”

After a resounding chorus of laughter, the doting dad then revealed his pride at just how much his son has grown up.

“We took him to the pediatrician and he was like, ‘Wow, this kid’s off the scale, he’s the size of a 16-month-old and he’s only nine months old!’” he said, adding: “I think he’s moving in the right direction.”

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“You should see him when we put him in his little car! He’s doing burpees, he’s jumping up and down, he just really wants to walk,” Michelle Bridges’ partner beamed.

The fitness expert went on to reveal that although his son is yet to take his first steps, he is eager to nail this whole standing business first!

“Because he’s a big kid, I think he finds it hard to support his own body weight.”

Michelle Bridges’ proud partner also spoke out on a bout of criticism their little family has faced in recent months.

Michelle has come under fire from fans for sharing “irresponsible” post pregnancy workouts.

After a question that alluded to a certain slew of “fitness shamers” who have slammed Michelle for getting back in the fit game and sharing post pregnancy workout clips shortly after Axel’s birth, the doting dad took aim at the haters.

“The world in which we live in is very much in that sphere, social media and the like. A lot of people are putting their ‘life’ up online,” he said.

“I question why people do that to a degree because validating ourselves and confirming our identity is important, especially amongst friends but doing that with people you don’t know is fraught with danger.”

Doesn’t Axle look just like his daddy!?

He went on: “I truly believe that a lot of people who say nasty things are projecting their own shortcomings outwards.”

“To the people that are out there living their life to the best of their ability, doing what speaks to them, I tip my hat to them.”

WATCH: Michelle Bridges’ mum and bub workout.

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