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EXCLUSIVE: The Block’s Oz Said and wife Jasmin welcome their baby boy!

Meet the latest Block baby.
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Just months after walking away with half of his team’s record $1,686,666.66 profit, The Block winner Ozman Said has another big reason to celebrate.

“We’ve had another baby boy,” Oz, 32, announces to Woman’s Day.

He and his wife Jasmin recently welcomed Ali to their growing family.

Welcome baby Ali!

(Image: @photography_by_sandra)

“We couldn’t be happier,” Oz tells Woman’s Day. “He’s so special to me, as are all my children, but Ali is so special because he symbolises my time on The Block, in a way.”

“Not only did we come off with a win, but I [have] a beautiful child, too – and really that’s what life is all about, family.”

When broached on the curious timing of Ali’s birth – which corresponds with Oz’s time on the hit reno show – the star chuckles.

“It could have been when Jasmin visited, or just after filming had wrapped,” he laughs. “It really is a Block baby!”

The couple are overjoyed with their new arrival.

(Image: @photography_by_sandra)


Baby Ali joins an already testosterone-filled home, alongside siblings Malik, eight, Zayd, six, and Hunza, two – and they’re already taking after their reality star father.

“Trust me, my kids are born for TV,” he laughs. “They’re all over Instagram and YouTube, they’re constantly rehearsing and filming videos – and unlike me, they always get the shot on the first take, every time!”

“They’re very confident, but I want them to be, I want them to have the best chances and opportunities in life. So if something like The Block came around when they’re of age, I’m happy for them to do that – The Block was the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Ali’s big brothers are already smitten!

(Image: @photography_by_sandra)

While the parents admit they had their hopes set on having a girl, they both feel “blessed” to have another “healthy and happy” baby boy.

“He’s very quiet – I mean as long as he’s fed and changed,” says Jasmin.

“His eyes definitely light up when he hears my voice,” Oz says, hinting at some favouritism already.

“Oh, they all gang up on me,” Jasmin adds. But she may have a lot more to contend with soon.

“I want a whole football team,” Oz announces.

“I’m one of six boys, and one sister, so I’m holding my dad’s legacy. So a few more and I will beat him!”

Brotherly love.

(Image: @photography_by_sandra)


When asked whether best friend and Block partner Omar Slaimankhel had seen little Ali yet, the answer is surprising.

“Omar hasn’t met him yet, no,” admits Oz.

However, he does say he’s gearing up to be reunited with him – the duo will be popping up in the upcoming season.

“I can’t say much yet – but we’ll be making an appearance,” he teases.

Adorable Ali.

(Image: @photography_by_sandra)

As well as juggling his hectic family life, Oz is busy navigating his life post-Block win.

He runs his own building company, Zenith Building Solutions, and is gearing up to open a breakfast eatery in Sydney’s Greenacre, called Dough Meats Cheese, in August this year.

“As a young boy, I used to walk past that shop and I thought, ‘One day I’ll own that’ and here I am today,” he says.

“Life is pretty crazy.”

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