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Ex-Bachie star Ali Oetjen dishes the dirt on The Mansion and why she turned down The Bachelorette

The runner-up from Tim Robards' season of The Bachelor reveals ALL.
Ali Oetjen and Tim Robards on The Bachelor

Four years after coming in second behind Anna Heinrich in the race for Tim Robards’ heart on The Bachelor, Ali Oetjen has opened up about what REALLY goes down in the Bachie mansion.

And apparently it’s not all rosy…

Yep, in an interview with Mix 102.3, the former reality star revealed that this TV show is, indeed, far from, err, reality.

“The first rose ceremony that we ever had… it actually went over two nights,” she begins.

“We had to wear the same dress, you had to get your hair down the exact same way… and drinking so much all the time.”

Tim and Ali during The Bachelor.

And by “drinking so much”, the blonde bombshell concedes that alcohol was literally always flowing at the (in)famous cocktail parties.

“[The producers] did cotton on as the show went on to give us more drinks so that we would relax and do more of what the producers asked of us,” she says.

Plus, it also turns out that the women get up to a whole lot of mischief in the house.

Yep, Ali reveals that two girls were suspected of having “something going on”.

Wait, what?! According to Ali, the girls would stay in their room and “would always suggest things in conversation between the two of them,” shared Ali.

Oh, and remember when Ali snapped the ligaments in her knee during an romantic yacht date with Tim when she flipped off the boat and landed “awkwardly”? Well that’s not exactly what happened, as she explains that she actually landed on a canoe and “broke down in tears” when she watched how her injury was portrayed on the episode.


Meanwhile, Ali confesses she’s been asked twice to do The Bachelorette, but turned it down as she was in a relationship. Since being dumped by OG Bachelor Tim, Ali has found her Mr Right.

Back in 2015, she announced on Instagram that her beau, David Waldeck, had popped the question.

But when asked if she would do The Bachelorette if she were single, Ali is quick to respond.

“Yes, definitely… because it made me so strong as a person… I don’t regret going on, I learnt so much about myself.”

THIS we would have lived for!

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