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Suri’s toy store melt down!

Suri's toy store melt down!

Tom and Katie’s precious little diva has the mother of all meltdowns.

She may have looked like an angelic fairy princess in a floaty mauve party dress and cute pink tiara, but Suri Cruise was transformed into a screaming banshee after not getting her way in an exclusive New York toy shop.

The mini-fashionista daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes threw her biggest public tantrum ever, stomping her tiny gold designer heels and turning on the waterworks inside the Big Apple’s famed FAO Schwartz store. While embarrassed mum Katie tried to reason with her little girl as astonished fellow shoppers looked on, a red-faced Suri showed she wasn’t about to be placated in a hurry, clenching her teeth, fiercely clutching a soft toy and intimidating Katie as she screamed right into her face.

Perhaps feeling this was one meltdown that required calling in the big guns, Katie decided there was only one thing to be done – pacify her daughter with a lollipop and some toys. And, wouldn’t you know it, Suri’s tears soon dried up.

The lipstick-loving youngster, perhaps the most famous five-year-old on the planet, looked like the cat that got the cream as she left the toy store with a bag of treats. Friends of Tom and Katie have been known to refer to Suri as “the little dictator”, with one telling Woman’s Day, “Her tantrums have to be seen to be believed. She’ll be on the floor, kicking and screaming her head off, and Katie will just shrug.”

Read more and see the pictures of Suri’s meltdown in this week’s Woman’s Day on sale December 23, 2011.

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