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Stephen Peacocke reveals brand new TV gig!

We just can’t wait to watch!
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Former Home and Away star Stephen Peacocke is set to star in a brand new crime drama with the Nine Network, seven years after his stint at Summer Bay ended.

At the time of his departure, from his gig of five years (and Australia’s longest running serial), Stephen told our sister publication WHO that he was looking to move forward and grow in his acting career instead of revisiting old roles.

”For me, I left Home and Away at the perfect time. With any performance, you leave when they’re saying ‘This is really good’ instead of ‘Oh, gosh get rid of this guy,” Steve confessed.

”My memories are incredibly fond…but it’s like a good holiday; you have to move on.

”It’s a happy memory, but you don’t necessarily want to do it again.”

Something tells us this new acting opportunity is right up his alley…

Stephen is set to star in a brand new crime drama on the Nine Network, Human Error.

(IMAGE: Nine)

Human Error will see Stephen star alongside the likes of Leeanna Walsman (Wentworth, Safe Harbour), Rahel Romahn (Shantaram, Mr Inbetween), Matt Day (Rake, Paper Giants) and Steve Bisley (Mystery Road Origin, Doctor Doctor) who will together, bring this fast paced crime drama to life.

Inspired by real events, the show will follow an expert homicide team who are pursuing a seemingly straightforward murder case.

But nothing is ever as it seems.

With the case soon exploding into a huge criminal conspiracy, tensions run high, people get heart, and our colourful cast of complicated characters must battle a string of mistakes before their lives and careers are altered irrevocably.

For his role as Brax on Home and Away Stephen won multiple Logies.

(IMAGE: Getty)

Stephen will star in the role of inspector Dylan MacKenzie.

Joining the already formidable cast are Emily Joy (Fisk, The Housemate), Ethan Lwin (Young Rock, Joe vs Varol), Debra Lawrance (Clickbait, Please Like Me), Daniela Farinacci (East West 101, Lantana), Jane Allsop (House Husbands, The Slap) and Anthony J Sharpe (Joe vs Carol, Black Snow).

Whilst production for the show has commenced, we can expect it will some time yet before Human Error is on our screens.

What has been confirmed however, is that there will be six episodes in the miniseries.

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