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EXCLUSIVE: Bachelor star Sophie Tieman talks baby plans, details of her upcoming wedding and drifting away from co-stars

''We bit off more than we can chew but we’ve come out smiling and stronger and ever.''
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Nearly four years after being unceremoniously dumped by Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins on The Bachelor, Sophie Tieman could not be happier.

With a loving fiancé, a glamorous upcoming wedding, a new home and baby plans on the horizon, the 28-year-old is living the post-Bachie life we all wanted for her.

As her walk down the aisle approaches, Sophie tells Now To Love about her charmed life, from the details of her upcoming nuptials, when she plans to start a family, and the realities of drifting away from fellow reality stars.

Sophie and partner Joe got engaged in December 2020.


Sophie and her partner Joe, who keep their relationship relatively private on social media, got engaged in December 2020, and are eagerly preparing to tying the knot in April this year.

“We’ve pretty much got the whole thing planned, but some minor details need ironing out in terms of styling. It’s been hard trying to plan things through the pandemic,” she says.

Sophie admits that emotionally she’s been “a little all over the place” while fearing their big day could be cancelled by the unpredictability of COVID.

“Luckily we’ve held strong and kept out original date. I pray we wont be ambushed by restrictions,” she says.

Sophie and Joe have celebrated many milestones, including buying their first home.


To ease the pressure, Sophie and Joe hired a wedding planner, who she says has been “instrumental with getting through the planning stages a little less stressfully.”

As for what theme they’re going for, Sophie wants something timeless on her big day.

“We’re still finalising the styling details but my vision from the start is keeping everything classic,” she says.

“I just don’t want to look back in 50 years and go ‘look at all the frills or the crazy colours’. I just wanna keep it classic so it’ll never date. I want lots of greens whites and creams nothing too over the top, still beautiful.”

The pair look forward to tying the knot in April this year.


Sophie remains tight-lipped on the official guest list, but reveals “a couple” of women from her season of The Bachelor will in attendance.

“Obviously it’s been a number of years since filming so people have moved away and everyone’s lives evolve and change. So you do fall out of contact with one another but they will be there absolutely,” she says.

And when it comes to the inevitable question of if she plans on starting a family, Sophie eagerly responds “absolutely,” but she wants to enjoy married life first.

“I’ve always been very open to the fact that I want to have children. Joe is a few years older than me so he is also in the same frame of mind which is really exciting. It’s just a matter of when is the right time,” she reveals.

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“I’d love to spend at least a year or two married and then maybe children. I’ve got so much I want to do before children, I work really hard in my career and I want to see that through as much as I can before I have a family. But it’s definitely in the next five year plan.”

Aside from focusing on her career in the commercial property industry, Sophie is also passionate about the environment, and makes an effort to shop sustainably for chic high-end brands and vintage pieces.

“I usually go secondhand as much as I can for [clothing] shopping. Sites like Poshmark have really helped broaden my wardrobe and spice it up with a collection of new and old,” she says.

Sophie is passionate about the environment and makes an effort to shop sustainably for chic high-end brands and vintage pieces.


Sophie and Joe have already ticked off many relationship milestones during their two-year romance, from buying their first home in Sydney and getting an adorable puppy named Polly.

“Joe and I got engaged a year ago which has flown by because we were in lockdown for most of it. 2021 was a crazy year to be engaged because you want to celebrate but we were constrained with what we could do,” she says of their whirlwind year.

“We bought our first house, then six months later in lockdown we started refurbishing, then bought a puppy in the middle of that. We bit off more than we can chew but we’ve come out smiling and stronger and ever.”

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