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EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Skye Wheatley reveals she’s 3 months pregnant!

In an at-home exclusive with NW, the former Big Brother babe reveals she's having a baby with her boyfriend of eight months, Lochie.
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Skye Wheatley has been called many things since she burst into our lives in 2014 as Big Brother‘s breakout star. But there’s one thing she’s never been called: Mum.

That is, until now…

The former reality queen — who is 14 weeks pregnant to her tradie boyfriend of eight months Lochie Waugh — can’t contain her smile as her babydaddy affectionately cradles her teensy bump during NWs exclusive shoot at her home on the Gold Coast.

Congratulations to the stunning mum-to-be!

“We had a bit of a scare last week, but everything’s all good now thankfully,” Skye, 24, tells us.

“We went to get our ultrasound and the lady couldn’t find the nasal bone of the baby… and that can be the first sign of Down syndrome. But it was there when we went back for our 13-week scan, so everything is good and the baby is healthy.”

NW sits down with the gorge mamma-to-be to chat about the moment she found out she was expecting!

Although they’ve only been together for eight months, Skye calls Lochie her “soul mate”.

Congrats Skye! Was this planned or a pleasant surprise?

SKYE: Well, we said to each other that we weren’t going to try for a baby properly — just do it casually and take things slow. But we just got back from holiday in Bali and I could feel that I was pregnant. I remember thinking, “Oh, I hope I’m not pregnant this month, maybe next month so I can have some time to organise myself and get back to routine.”

I wanted to be at my healthiest state for this and I had been drinking every day in Bali, so I had to take that into consideration as well.

What was your reaction when you discovered you were expecting?

SKYE: I was just really shocked that it literally happened first go! Lochie was really, really happy — we couldn’t believe it.

We weren’t “trying-trying”, so I can’t believe I fell pregnant first go. We were just meant to be seeing how it went. It’s insane!

You said you could “feel” you were pregnant, in what way?

SKYE: I had a few glasses of red wine on the plane the night before, and when I woke up I felt hungover times 10! I never feel like that after a bit of wine, so I knew something was up.

Obviously my body was like, “You need to stop drinking please ’cause we are trying to grow a little human.” I was late for my period as well…

How long was it before you took a test?

SKYE: We went straight to the shops when we landed and got a home test. We did it together and those things come up so slowly before it’s clear lines.

I couldn’t tell if it was positive or not at first, but then it’s like, “I’m pregnant! Oh my God – I’m pregnant!” You kinda feel a rollercoaster of emotions all at once. You’re scared, you’re happy, you’re excited, you’re worried and nervous. It’s pretty crazy.

Happy couple Skye and Lochie have previously revealed they met on Tinder.

So crazy!

SKYE: Yeah, it’s happened very fast. Our whole relationship has moved pretty fast really because we’ve only been together for eight months.

But I feel like I’ve been with Lochie for so long — it’s so weird. It just feels so right and we know that we’re gonna be together forever, so we’re not worried.

Pick up this week’s issue of NW to find out whether Skye’s having a boy or girl, learn her baby names and hear about her wedding plans!

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