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Controversial Shane Warne drama series given go ahead by family

The news comes as a surprise given the family previously shared their mutual disgust at the production.
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A highly anticipated two-part drama series, Warnie, focusing on the late cricketing legend Shane Warne has been given the go ahead by the Warne family, despite their previous outrage at the project.

Focusing on the life and drama of the world-famous spin king, Channel 9 announced the production soon after Shane passed away from a heart attack in March 2022 whilst vacationing in Thailand.

Earlier this year, Nine’s broadcast of Shane Warne’s memorial service reached 403,000 viewers. More than 50,000 fans turned out to farewell the Australian cricketing legend at the MCG, with performances by Robbie Williams, Ed Sheeran and Elton John.

Shane Warnes children Brooke, Summer and Jackson uneil the newly minted Shane Warne stand at the MCG at their fathers public memorial.

According to Channel 9, representatives from the network and producers of the upcoming series Screentime, have recently met with the Warne family who have thrown their support behind the drama.

The news comes as a shock to many fans of the cricketing great, affectionately dubbed ”Warnie” by his legions of fans, after both daughters Brooke and Summer spoke out against the project.

”Do you have any respect for Dad? Or his family? Who did so much for Channel 9 and now you want to dramatise his life and our families life 6 months after he passed away?” eldest daughter Brooke posted online.

Warnie’s other daughter Summer, 20, added:

”I would really like to know what goes through people’s heads to think this is okay?”’

Summer, Brooke and Jackson celebrating a family Christmas once upon a time.

(IMAGE: Instagram)

Now, it seems, the girls have had a change of heart, the network indicating that following the closed meeting with the Warne family that they had thrown their support behind the controversial project.

”During pre-production, the 9Network and Screentime have met with the Warne family who have offered their support for the series. The 9Network looks forward to collaborating with the family as filming continues.”

”Shane Warne was an Aussie legend, a cultural icon, a cricketing genius, a charmer and a rogue,” the network said when the project was first announced.

”Warnie transcended cricket. Like all great characters, he inspired extreme reactions from people from all walks of life, in Australia and around the world.”’

Alex Williams will play the late cricketing great Shane Warne in the upcoming drama series ‘”Warnie”.

(IMAGE: Instagram)

Production of the drama series commenced this month, with an expected air date of late 2023.

Alex Williams (Underground: The Julian Assange Story) will star in the titular role of Shane Warne with a supporting cast that includes Anthony Hayes, Marny Kennedy, Jacquie Brennan, Jeremy Stanfird, Ben Hall, Tom Stokes, Darcy Kent and newcomer Shanti Kali.

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