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What’s next for Sam Kerr after the FIFA World Cup?

''We gave it our all''
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From the very beginning of this epic Women’s World Cup, Sam Kerr carried the expectations of the nation on her shoulders.

And despite the Matildas’ crushing semifinal defeat, her golden goal in the 63rd minute had the whole of Australia bursting with pride.

Reflecting on our national team’s incredible performances, the star striker wants the country to know how much the past few weeks have meant to her.

Sam Kerr and her teammates celebrate after her amazing goal in the semi-final against the Lionesses.

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“We’re all just really proud of each other and just wish we could’ve got over the line,” she said last week.

“But no matter what happens, I wouldn’t want to be on any other team. This is my team, my mates, my best mates, I love them all to death.”

A soccer insider tells Woman’s Day that despite her obvious heartbreak over losing to the Lionesses, Sam, 29, swiftly turned her focus to supporting the rest of the Matildas.

Sam Kerr and Chelsea FC teammate, Millie Bright after the Matilda’s devastating lost.

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Big decisions to make

“She is all about team first and following her heart,” the source says.

“So for her to lead her beloved Matildas onto the field all the way has made her even more proud of being an Aussie.”

“Her main focus is always her teammates and then the fans – it has singularly been her all-time favourite career tournament.”

The Matildas showing their love for Australia!

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And despite being stuck on the bench as she battled a calf injury, it was during this time that Sam was able to reflect on her life on and off the pitch – and used it to make some big decisions about her future.

“If Sam had her way she would settle back here in Australia, ideally with her girlfriend Kristie Mewis, but the reality is both have a bit more left in the tank career-wise and sadly the women’s domestic competition here in Australia can’t offer the same opportunities,” says the source.

Kristie comforting Sam after Australia’s loss at the Tokyo Olympics. They’re always there for each other!

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Wedding plans

Throughout the competition, American Kristie, 32, who plays for Gotham FC, has been in the stands, watching on proudly.

In a sweet post to Instagram on the eve of the Matildas’ defeat against England, Kristie paid tribute to the time she and Sam have shared, writing how it was “pretty cool getting to watch my best friend live her dream” and how she’s “so proud”.

“There were plenty of whispers throughout the World Cup that Sam and Kristie will soon announce their engagement and could tie the knot in the next two years,” says the insider.

The cutest couple!

(Credit: Instagram)

“Both want to start a family and Sam has made no secret she’s keen for motherhood and has always put family first, but ideally she would want to be back home to raise her kids.”

But for now, thanks to the incredible fan response to the World Cup, Sam is focusing on building up women’s soccer, which will be her main focus when she eventually retires.

“Once she hangs up her boots for good, she will throw her energy into raising the bar for young women across Australia who want to grow up and become the next Sam Kerr.”

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