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Eve Morey admits she “misses” working alongside her Neighbours co-star Ryan Moloney

After almost a decade of working together on the hit soap, Eve and Ryan were bound to miss each other once they said farewell
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Gold Logie nominee Eve Morey may not be on Neighbours anymore, but she was certainly the talk of the town while walking the red carpet at the TV WEEK Logie Awards on Sunday night.

In an interview with TV WEEK, the mum-of-two spoke about the moment she heard she was a nominee for the coveted gold, and it was all during a very “mummy” moment.

“It’s more just very surreal,” she said.

“I was just at home with my kids – doing that stuff – and then got the call to say: ‘You need to come up to this event’ and it just sort of blew me out of the bubble.”

Eve has been spending quality time with her family, since her character Sonya died from stage four Ovarian Cancer – and the TV WEEK Logies is the perfect chance for her to let her hair down, while catching up with her former cast mates.

“It’s lovely to have another opportunity to celebrate with everyone,” she admitted.

“You don’t get to celebrate the work very often. So it’s actually a beautiful ending to it all.”

Eve Morey on the TV WEEK Logies red carpet.

(Source: Getty Images)

Walking the red carpet with on-screen TV hubby Ryan Moloney, she revealed that she was definitely “missing” him, however, being part of the “Neighbours legacy” was extremely important.

“I feel like the best part of being nominated for a Gold is that sometimes you feel like ‘is the work that we do transmitting? Are people getting it?’ Because Ryan and I put so much effort into those characters and we love them and we want them to be these everyday people,” Eve said.

“So with this it does mean something and that is really special.”

Ryan, who plays Jarrod “Toadfish” Rebecchi on the hit show, had the same sentiment about his first ever Logie nomination.

“It’s quite nice after 25 years,” he revealed.

“It’s nice to get a little pat on the back, it’s good. Who knows , it could be another 25 years before I get the next one!”

Ryan Moloney and Eve Morey on the TV WEEK Logies red carpet.

(Source: Getty Images)

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