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Roxy Jacenko denies publicly attacking her estranged father

Authorities call for witnesses after an alleged altercation involving the PR queen and her estranged father Nick.
Roxy Jacenko

PR queen, Roxy Jacenko, has vehemently denied claims she was involved in a physical dispute with her estranged father and his fiancée.

Police are investigating claims of an incident in which Roxy’s father Nick and his partner fashion designer Lisa Ho were verbally and physically assaulted by the Sweaty Betty founder, reports The Daily Telegraph.

According to the reports, Roxy was departing a restaurant with her husband and mother, Doreen Davis, in the suburb of Woollahra in mid-May, when she ran into her estranged father and his fashion designer fiancée.

Oliver reportedly told the pair to “just keep walking” upon passing them, before Roxy grabbed the collar of her father’s shirt, and struck him repeatedly on the head while hurling verbal abuse in his direction.

“She was screaming ‘You should be ashamed of yourself’ over and over,” Nick recalled to the publication, adding that he had no idea what she was referring to.

Lisa Ho also claims she was struck on the head and neck by her partner’s estranged daughter.

Nick Jacenko’s ex wife, Doreen Jacenko, pictured with their daughter Roxy.

While both Roxy and her mother have denied the claims, police have confirmed that they were called to an incident at Moncur Street, Woollahra on May 14, where Roxy and her now-imprisoned husband were enjoying dinner.

The incident reportedly occurred three days into the Supreme Court trial of the socialite’s husband Oliver Curtis, who was later found guilty of insider trading.

Speaking out to The Daily Mail of the alleged attack, Roxy says, “There is no basis for these allegations.

“I can only attribute such comments to a sad quest for public notoriety by my father Nick Jacenko and Lisa Ho.”

The altercation was said to have occured just days into Oliver Curtis’ trial.

Until recently, Roxy was living a fairytale. A multi-million dollar lifestyle, handsome younger husband, two adorable kids, and a stunning home in the trendy locale of Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

But this latest family drama only adds to the series of challenging events for the high-profile family.

It’s no doubt been a challenging year for Roxy after her investment banker husband was sentenced to two years in jail for insider trading back in June.

She’s now the sole carer of the couple’s two children.

Only three weeks after her family was torn apart from his conviction, the mother-of-two revealed that she had discovered a lump in her left breast and would need to undergo immediate treatment for breast cancer.

“Oli went to jail on the 24th of June, and on the 7th of July, I had cancer,” says Roxy, 36, who is now juggling running three businesses while caring for daughter Pixie, five, and son Hunter, two.

WATCH: Roxy undergoes surgery in the video player below.

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The Sweaty Betty director put on a brave face as she tackled her surgery.

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