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Former partners Christine Anu & Rodger Corser reunite with a nostalgic reminder of their very first meeting

The pair share a daughter, Zipporah.
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It’s been a while since Christine Anu and Rodger Corser were an item, but the pair hold nothing but happy memories between them these days – their recent reunion will tell you as much.

Rodger, who isn’t shy of sharing an update or two on his Instagram account, posted the reunion picture fans had been waiting for – not only did it include his former flame Christine, but also their slew of Rent co-stars, the production of which set them on their love journey.

Sharing a screen shot of the Zoom chat the pair shared with a number of their Rent co-stars, Rodger wrote: “Great catching up with my fellow #RENT cast mates from my first professional gig (besides Rock Gigs) almost 23 years ago.”

He continued: “Fair to say that show changed the trajectory or my life, as it did for many others. Always have a special bond with these special humans.”

Life has changed a fair bit, but some things stay the same!


The sentiment certainly isn’t used lightly – Rodger and Christine met and fell in love while they performed stage show Rent in 1998, and were together for six years.

They welcomed their daughter Zipporah in 2002, and have continued to raise her harmoniously, despite spitting up several years later.

The pair welcomed daughter Zipporah in 2002.


Zipporah has quickly grown up to take after her famous Aussie parents.

In 2020, the 18-year-old completed her final year 12 exams at a performing arts high school and is looking forward to pursuing her musical ambitions.

“Zipporah goes to a performing arts school and sings like her mum [Christine], so she’ll probably go into the business,” Rodger previously told TV WEEK.

Christine is also proud as punch of the daughter she and Rodger have raised.

“She’s a rising performer herself and I guess every element of choices I’ve made throughout my career are a model for her to follow. Everything that I’m doing to prepare and every way that I present myself in the public and on television and the choices of jobs that I take, are all things that she will take, or not take from,” she told Now To Love last year.

Next stop – the world. Looking forward to more updates from this multi-talented family!

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