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Robert Irwin eager to become a Hollywood star, but he has been beaten to his dreams by his sister!

When is it Robert's time to shine?
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The Irwin name is very popular in Australia – even across the globe – and commonly associated with nature and wildlife. But Robert Irwin wanted to adventure outside his expected future as he set his eyes firmly on Hollywood.

But Robert’s hopes of stepping outside of his sisters shadow were dashed after the announcement that Bindi Irwin would be joining the Marvel universe.

Robert was hoping to be in the spotlight!

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After giving birth to Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, Bindi and husband Chandler Powell took a step back from the family business.

But a family friend has stressed Bindi “feels bad” her new Hollywood role has led her to outshine Robert’s goal in potentially becoming a movie star.

“Robert has made no secret of the fact that he wants a Hollywood action role,” revealed one family friend told New Idea.

Grace is over a year old now.

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“Robert has been pretty single-minded. He spends hours in the gym every day, networks like a champion with the likes of Russell Crowe and Chris Hemsworth, and is seen as very much a real-life superhero thanks to his work with crocodiles.”

“It was becoming accepted that it was a matter of when, not if, he would be offered a big movie role and move to Hollywood.”

Bindi has confirmed she has been secretly recording sessions for a character – who has not appeared in the mainstream Marvel world before – called Isla Coralton in the animated series Spidey and His Amazing Friends.

Just like Bindi, her character shares a love for wildlife and the environment as she works as an oceanographer.

Robert is a real life superhero to Australia.

(Image: Instagram)

“It is important to empower the next generation to love our planet,” Bindi said. “To have respect for all living creatures and the environment that they call home. And I think that this series does a really, really good job at introducing those ideas.”

However, Bindi did not add that her Hollywood break came as a shock to her brother. As the New Idea source pointed out Robert is: “privately admits he’s disappointed he wasn’t also asked to voice an animation, too. That said, Robert is Bindi’s biggest fan and supporter. He just hoped this time it might be his chance.”

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