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“It’s heartbreaking”: Robert Irwin opens up about family disease which impacts thousands of people

''Someone you love, someone you're close to going through that...''
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It appears nothing can stop Robert Irwin as he battles and saves wild animals, but even Steve Irwin’s protégé is not immune to struggles as he shares his personal experience with a disease that has impacted his family.

While featuring on The Sunday Project, the young wildlife warrior revealed his family had been impacted by Alzheimer’s disease which impacts an individual’s brain to slowly destroy memories and skills.

Robert’s grandfather had a form of Alzheimer’s disease.

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“I think there’s no one living who hasn’t encountered someone or has a loved one who has experienced this,” Robert said.

“My grandfather on my mum’s side had a form of dementia and a lot of family friends have had that as well and it’s devastating… someone you love, someone you’re close to going through that and not being able to relive and enjoy the moments they had, it’s heartbreaking.

“I guess it just reminds you you’ve got to spend every second with the people you love and really surround yourself with love and light and hopefully this is light at the end of the tunnel for a safe way for people to stop this.”

Robert continues his father’s legacy as a wildlife warrior.

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Robert’s personal confession follows after Australian actor Chris Hemsworth received the warning he was eight to ten times more likely than the average person to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

The Sunday Project revealed there has been a new treatment for the disease, in which Robert expressed he hopes the drug will soon be available to sufferers.

The young wildlife warrior’s heartfelt confession was not the only candid experience he shared during the segment, but his next confession was much more light-hearted and… embarrassing.

Robert revealed he had split orange juice on King Charles, twice!

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He also talked about keeping the “family tradition” of dancing with The Wiggles alive after the group performed at the gala dinner for Steve Irwin Day in November.

The Wiggles are just legendary, my dad actually did a really fun collaboration project with them at Australia Zoo way back in the day 20 years ago,” he said.

“So we’ve worked with them for a long time so the fact all of the original Wiggles came back to support our charity Wildlife Warriors means the world.

“Dad set this up as a way to support wildlife conservation here in Australia and on the global stage and a night like that just makes us realise his legacy is alive and thriving and it’s the honour of a lifetime to keep that going.”

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