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Rebecca Gibney shuts down flawless façade perceptions in inspirational post

''Don't buy into the hype.''
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Social media prefers to portray a more perfect idea of people but Packed To The Rafters alum Rebecca Gibney has revealed to her followers the “reality” behind the “fantasy”.

Rebecca took to Instagram to share some inspiration to her followers with the ultimate message that not everything is as it seems.

Rebecca shared the side-by-side comparison shots to Instagram.

(Image: Instagram)

“Fantasy V Reality,” she began.

“Don’t buy into the hype. We’re all the same underneath- we just have different costumes on…”

The actress included numerous images portraying the best glammed up version of herself featuring expensive outfits styled by professionals, makeup artists, hair extensions, fantastic lighting and brilliant photographers.

However, next to these images was Rebecca in her everyday look featuring no-to-little makeup, pyjamas and comfy slippers!

We love the everyday look!

(Image: Instagram)

Our favourite comparison picture is obviously the one of Rebecca holding what looks like a bottle of wine paired with Harvest Snaps.

Numerous followers took to the comments to applaud Rebecca for “#keepingitreal”.

“You are amazing,” one commented.

“Love all versions, but ultimately, love the beauty inside the most.”

“Wish more famous people were as real and grounded as you,” another one commented.

A fan wrote: “I love this. So real! It’s hard to remember this when you see celebrities looking so perfect then you look at yourself in the mirror. Thank you for keeping it real.”

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Rebecca loves to share inspiring words to her followers; in a previous post, she shared an encouraging quote – followed with the words: “I’ve noticed that there are a lot of women that seem to love to bag other women about their choices – whether it be fashion, cosmetic, weight, life – whatever.

“What is it about the human condition that we feel the need to tear other people down?? Isn’t there enough CRAP going on in the world??

“Can we not just spread a little joy and kindness in a sad world?

“If you’re not hurting anyone then I got you. That’s it. 💞 ( FYI I also support, all members of the LGBTQ+, cis men, cis women, non binary, Trans, Omni gender, – ALL the genders) and one day I hope there is a world where we can all simply just ‘be’ without having to label it.”

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