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Chrissie Swan pays tribute to Celebrity MasterChef co-star Rebecca Gibney on her birthday

''Meeting her and being in her orbit this year has been the best thing to come out of 2021.''
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After appearing alongside each other on the debut season of Celebrity MasterChef Australia, Chrissie Swan and Rebecca Gibney have formed one of the tightest celeb friendships we’ve ever seen.

On Tuesday, Chrissie penned a heartwarming tribute to the Back to the Rafters actress to mark her 57th birthday.

“Meeting her and being in her orbit this year has been the best thing to come out of 2021,” her post started.

After appearing on Celebrity MasterChef, Chrissie Swan and Rebecca Gibney formed a lifelong friendship.


“She is kind to her core. She listens, she cares, she is just the best person. She seeks fun and values levity and her voice and words are soothing always.

“She is so smart. Her eyes sparkle and she just has magic in her. Everyone who meets her agrees. Some people are just special. She is one. Happy birthday my beautiful friend.”

Despite Chrissie being the first star to be sent home from the Celebrity MasterChef kitchen, the radio host and Rebecca forged a strong bond during their short time cooking together.

“Meeting her and being in her orbit this year has been the best thing to come out of 2021,” Chrissie said of Rebecca.


In October, the presenter’s Instagram for her radio show Chrissie, Sam, and Browny posted a meme of Rebecca and Chrissie lusting over Offspring star Le Nevez on the show.

The account captioned the hilarious moment, “These two naughty schoolgirls with the special comments up the back of the class 😂😂😂 @chrissieswan @rebeccagibney_ @masterchefau.”

Of course, the Packed to the Rafters star found the gag amusing, and she commented her love under the post.

“Matt may be handsome, but Chrissie is the queen. 😍 LOVE HER TO PIECES! So much joy and light and love. #girlcrush,” said Rebecca.

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Last month, Rebecca was sadly eliminated from the celeb version of the beloved cooking show just one episode before the grand finale.

“It was all about doing the best I can, getting out of my comfort zone, pushing myself to be a better cook and I did all of those things,” Rebecca told 10 play.

“I accomplished all of those things and I was really surprised I got as far as I did! In the times of COVID, like most people, I was feeling a bit flat about everything so to walk into that kitchen and be so supported, so encouraged and so loved straight away, it was just a really incredible experience and I’d do it all again.”

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