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Rachael Finch updates fans on her children’s wellbeing after her home was invaded in night

''I ran to Violet and Tom’s room...''
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Former Miss Universe Rachael Finch has detailed the heartbreaking moment the police revealed her home had been broken into while her two young children slept soundly in their bed.

The model took to Instagram to reveal sometime during the night intruders broke into the property.

Rachael assured her kids were okay.

(Image: Instagram)

“So, the police are at our house now getting fingerprints everywhere. What a night, what a day it has been,” the 34-year-old said.

Rachael continued to reassure her fans that her two children with husband Michael Miziner, Violet and Dominic – who are both under the age of 10 – were okay following the incident.

“Thankfully the kids are ok, thankfully we are ok,” she said.

“We did not get woken from the people who were breaking into the house, we got woken up just before 3am when the police knocked on the front door and he said to us straight away, ‘your house has been broken into’.

Police were taking finger prints.

(Image: Instagram)

“The first thing, I turned and ran to Violet and Tom’s room to make sure they were there and safe.

“My heart was pounding.”

According to the police officers, every single house on their street including some apartments were invaded.

“So everyone was on the street, police everywhere, lights flashing,” she said.

“You just feel so violated when someone is standing there in your room, with your children asleep in their beds, thinking they are safe. It is the most petrifying feeling.”

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In a separate post made to Instagram, Rachael shared a photo applauding the police force for their hard work and even asking the invaders to return.

“To the people who broke into our house last night while our children were sleeping in their beds thinking they were safe… please come again,” she wrote.

“You left without knowing our thoughts or feelings.

“Didn’t sleep much from early hours of this AM.”

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