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‘”I am beaming with joy!” Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton welcomes his third child via surrogate

His blogging dynasty is in safe hands!
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Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has welcomed a beautiful baby daughter.

The 39-year-old gossip king took to social media to share his exciting news, revealing he is now the proud papa of Mayte Amor, who was born on Wednesday October 4 via a surrogate.

In a touching first family snap Perez, real name Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr., cradles his bub on his bare chest alongside his proud mum.

“I am beaming with joy and pride as I share with you that my family has grown yet again,” he said.

Perez also acknowledged how much he had changed over the years, once known for penning catty stories, he says he’s matured and is now a family man at heart.

“A lot has changed over the past decade plus and I am so thankful, humbled, and truly indebted that you have accepted me through the fat and the fug and the then and the now. We’ve grown up together and evolved and I continue to do so – in the best way possible!”

As for the inspiration behind his third child’s name, Perez said she was: “Named after her grandparents – Mario & Teresita – their love will forever flow through her and protect her and all of my kids. Grandma is over the moon and so are her siblings!”

The star, who is a single father and already has a four-year-old son Mario and a two-year-old daughter Mia – both from surrogates, also took a moment to give thanks to the unnamed woman who helped him welcome his third child into the world.

“Most importantly, thank you to the surrogate who gave me the greatest gift anyone could ever receive! And thank you to the other two surrogates who helped us as well!”

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“And thank you to all the surrogates who give so selflessly and whose kindness is inspiring! There are still many states in America that, sadly, prohibit surrogacy and I hope to use my voice to advocate for making it legal across the country!”

Until posting to social media this week, Perez had remained tight-lipped about his third child.

Despite changing the tone on his notorious website, Perez most recently courted controversy after saying Kylie Jenner should abort her pregnancy.

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