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Osher Günsberg calls on Aussies to avoid celebrating January 26: “We have to do better”

The Bachelor host is one of many celebrities to ditch the controversial holiday.
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Bachelor host Osher Günsberg has called on Australians to avoid celebrating January 26, and instead use the day to educate themselves on our nation’s dark history.

In an impassioned Instagram post, Osher said that as a nation, “we have to do better”.

Osher said that as a nation, “we have to do better”.


“I’m an immigrant, a citizen, and I love this country with all of my heart. The life this nation has given me and my family wouldn’t have happened anywhere else on this planet,” his post began.

“And just because life here is excellent for most of us doesn’t mean it can’t be excellent for all of us. We can do better.

We have to do better.

Osher said that understanding the plight of First Nations Australians and “how we got to now” is paramount.

“I truly believe that by getting to know one another, together we can find a better way for us all to face the challenge of the future as one,” he said.

January 26th is a national public holiday (now often referred to as Invasion Day or Survival Day) which commemorates the landing of the First Fleet in Australia.

However, a vocal movement from the Indigenous community and their allies have been asking for years for the date to be changed, given the day also symbolises the beginning of years of systemic racism and oppression of First Nations people.

Many celebrities have been vocal about the cause, sharing their thoughts on the nation-wide celebrations on social media.

Bachelorette star and close friend of Osher’s, Brooke Blurton, is a vocal advocate against January 26 and what it represents. A proud Noongar Yamatji woman, the 26-year-old also began to share posts in opposition to the day.

Brooke shared a caption on a post written by human rights activist Nessa Turnbull Roberts, who uploaded an image of herself at an Invasion Day rally.

“January 26th It’s political, it’s personal, it’s Collective and it’s one of the most horrific days for our nation,” she wrote.

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“Show up on the right side of history and truth,” she encouraged people.

Brooke also took to Instagram again on the eve of the 26th with kind words encouraging her fellow mob to take care of themselves in the lead up to the day.

“Tomorrow is a big day for us. A day of anxiousness, pain, mourning. Self care is priority tonight.”

Brooke Blurton has been vocal about her opposition to celebrating January 26 and what it represents.


Jesinta Franklin is also very vocal on social media when it comes to the rights of Indigenous people, given that her husband, Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin is a Noongar-Wajuk man, making her kids half Indigenous as well.

She took to Instagram with a short message yesterday, writing “There’s no excuse for anyone in this country not to know why tomorrow, 26th January, is a hurtful day to celebrate “Australia Day”. If you are still unaware, I have linked some useful slides that I hope you take the time to read.”

She went on to share a few posts from Rachael Sarra, Nessa Turnbull-Roberts, and more.

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