There’s no denying the bond between Osher Gunsberg and his mini-me son Wolfgang in these sweet family snaps

They even have wild matching haircuts!
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Since Osher Gunsberg and his wife Audrey Griffen welcomed their first child together into the world, little Wolfgang, in August 2019, The Bachelor host’s life has changed completely.

Although he was already a stepfather to Audrey’s teenage daughter Georgia from her previous relationship, this was Osher’s first biological child and the couple’s first son.

Known for being incredibly candid about many personal aspects of his life, Osher hasn’t shied away from professing his love for his baby son, or for that matter, gushing over his wife for bringing him into the world.

“Please meet Georgia’s youngest brother, Wolfgang. We call him Wolfie for short,” he wrote on Instagram as he triumphantly announced the bub’s safe arrival.

Now Wolfie is two and Osher is a seasoned professional when it comes to dad life!


“He and @Audreygriffen did so well on Friday when he was born perfectly formed with ten fingers and toes, healthy and happy at 3.97kg,” he penned, later adding, “I am in complete awe of my wife.”

In the lengthy and touching post, Osher describe the magical experience as leaving him astonished.

“I can’t think of any single thing a man does in his life that physically equates to what I saw Audrey do,” he wrote.

Since then, the TV star has welcomed the increased responsibilities and duties of parenting with open arms, and told The Australian Women’s Weekly in March 2020 that being a good dad is his top priority.

“The only idea for 2020 would be that the most important job I have, which is being a husband and father, is the one I do best,” he said.

“All I want to do is build a future for these kids, that’s it. And for someone as selfish as me that’s a big deal.” Well, he’s certainly made good on that promise!

In the four years since Wolfgang’s arrival, Osher has proven himself to be a doting dad and stepdad time and time again, regularly sharing parenting updates on Instagram.

Speaking about his family exclusively with TV WEEK on the Logies red carpet, Osher makes the most of the time the family have together with his busy work schedule.

“Our eldest G just got back from Europe this morning and she came with us and got ready [for the Logies], [so] it was so nice G was here and was helping her mum get ready,” he explained.

“I’m in Melbourne shooting at the moment so I haven’t seen my son for weeks, so I think in the morning no matter what happens I’m going to get up early [and] scoot home, go hang out with Wolfie, and Audrey is going to have a hotel room, black-out curtains, toddler-mum sleep-in and that’s the real winner I think.”

There have been cute peeks into his home life, snaps from boys days out and even some wild matching haircuts (scroll to the bottom to see those!).

In honour of his parenting milestones, we’ve collected some of the cutest photos of proud dad Osher Gunsberg and Wolfie below…

Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram


In a touching post announcing the birth of little Wolfgang, Osher said he was “in awe” of Audrey, writing, “What I witnessed her do, the power I saw her summon from within her to bring this boy into the world was utterly astonishing.”

Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram


The Bachelor host took to fatherhood like a duck to water, and shared this beautiful image of him getting skin to skin contact with Wolfie 90 minutes after the birth.

Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram


Audrey and Osher didn’t hesitate to shower their squishy-faced baby with love, captioning this shot, “Wolfie thrilled to be so loved at seven weeks old today.”

Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram


There’s nothing sweeter than a proud dad peering into the eyes of his baby son!

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Osher Gunsberg busted in cute dad moment with Wolfgang

Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram


Wolfie looks more than comfortable napping against The Masked Singer host’s chest.

Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram


There’s nothing more relaxing that going for a casual stroll… with a screaming baby in the pram. Right, Osher?

Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram


Playtime calls a selfie!

Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram


Osher proves the “baby in backpack look” is the ultimate adorable dad accessory with this kitchen seflie.

Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram


In November 2019, Osher wrote about gratitude and advised his followers that when times get tough, look for the good things in life, like babies. As he put it, “their cuddles in a cozy towel are pure bliss”.

Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram


The look of concentration of Wolfie’s face spells trouble for their board game competitors.

Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram


“We’ve gone to RipleyMode™!⁠” joked Osher as he shared this cute snap.

Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram


Looks like the Channel Ten star is embracing having his gorgeous son strapped to him for much of his day.

Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram


Judging by that face, someone’s got an axe to grind!

Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram


Road trips became a lot sweeter for Audrey and Osher once Wolfie arrived.



Christmas cutie alert!



Beach boys!

“A perfect Aussie long weekend with our extended family and some mates and more kids all in one house,” Osher wrote.



“Pretty sure Wolf has access to a time machine,” Osher captioned this cute snap. “I mean how else could you explain the totally radical mullet, the sick Reeboks and original Osh Kosh B’Gosh overalls originally worn by his Uncle Josh in California in 1983?”


Proud dad Osher showed Wolfie the ropes on his motorbike, starting with the most important piece of equipment: a helmet!


He’s also given his son a peek into his podcasting work, captioning this snap: “Knows what he’s doing with a Røde NT-1 this kid.”


Boys day out! The father-son duo headed to the Opera House in Sydney for a special Bluey live performance.


Twinning! Osher let his wife give him and Wolfgang matching haircuts, captioning this sweet photo: “Matching Mullets and Eskimo Kisses with Wolfie.”

He continued: “@audreygriffen took a little convincing to shave my hair the same as Wolf’s – but it’s the off-season so why not? Thanks honey. You’re masterful with the clippers! I promise to be high & tight when it’s TV suit time again. Or will I?”

(Image: Instagram)


While enjoying a day in the park together filled with magical adventures and yummy snacks, Osher and Wolf witnessed a wedding.

The presenter posted a picture of them watching the ceremony and he wrote, “Wonderful park adventures this morning with Wolf which included a turtle, an eel, climbing a mountain, a swing that blasted him off for a flight around Jupiter and back, and then some snacks while we sat away on the sidelines and watched a lovely wedding under the canopy of trees and clapped with everyone when the celebrant said “I now pronounce you Husband and Husband”. It was so lovely!”

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