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Olivia Newton-John gets her groove on as she reacts to a TikTok dance routine to her song Physical, but does the icon approve?

Is it time to get Physical?
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There is nothing quite like when iconic stars prove they’re not above getting in on some TikTok fun.

Olivia Newton-John is one such revered celebrity who is embracing the work of her fans on the social media site.

The 73-year-old took to the app to record a special reaction video to a TikTok of three dancers performing her hit song Physical.

In the clip, Olivia dons a fun rainbow printed jumper with orange glasses and glittery pink drop earrings as she grooves and claps in time with the music.

At the halfway mark, a voiceover reads the words, “Olivia LOVES it! Make sure to join in on the dance.”

Watch Olivia react to the TikTok in the video below.

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The Grease star captioned her joyous reaction, “Go watch the full dance on @crunchfitness profile & duet to show us your moves 💃🕺😍 #olivianewtonjohn #crunchphysical40 @thirdlove #letsgetphysical.”

Over on Crunch Fitness’ TikTok page, the three dancers and their enthusiastic moves to the song are delightful, and it’s easy to see why Olivia wanted in on the fun.

Watch the full Crunch Fitness dance TikTok in the video below.

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The singer and songwriter also shared her video on Instagram to further encourage people to check out the dance trio – she clearly likes to look out for her talented fans.

Her team partially runs Olivia’s TikTok to celebrate “the legendary artist and actress.”

She currently boasts 66.6k followers and 892.6k likes, which comes as no surprise considering Physical has once again found popularity on the app with young people and older Olivia enthusiasts alike.

The page mostly reposts cute and hilarious videos made by fans, and there is a lot of Grease inspired content.

Olivia has embraced TikTok after Physical went viral on the platform.

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Olivia also shared her approval of Ariana Grande’s cover of Hopelessly Devoted To You, which she performed on the US version of The Voice.

She reshared the clip from NBC and adoringly wrote, “Wow! Love this rendition of Hopelessly Devoted To You,” in the caption.

For some more wholesome content on the Internet, head to Olivia’s Tok for endless hours of scrolling.

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