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Keith Urban finally explains exactly how Nicole Kidman broke her ankle

Fans were quick to spot Nic in a moon boot - and now we know why.
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Nicole Kidman’s mystery injury has finally been explained.

Over the weekend, the Big Little Lies actress was spotted stepping out with husband Keith Urban ahead of his VIP drive-in convert for over 200 frontline healthcare workers battling COVID-19 at the Tennessee’s Stardust Drive-in Theatre.

In a video uploaded to Instagram from the event, fans were quick to notice the mother-of-four wearing a medical boot on her right ankle.

“Wishing a speedy recovery for Nicole,” one concerned user wrote.

“Oh no Nicole, what’s happened to your foot,” another added.

Keith confirmed to Entertainment Tonight his wife is recovering from a broken ankle.

“She broke her ankle. But there she was last night, out there amongst all the folks. Hobbling around with her boot with her mask on,” country singer Keith explained to Entertainment Tonight.

Ouch! Nic stepped out in a moon boot for Keith’s drive-in convert for over 200 frontline healthcare workers at the Tennessee’s Stardust Drive-in Theatre over the weekend.

(Images: Instagram)

Now, Keith has revealed just how Nicole’s injury came about.

Chatting to The Project on Tuesday night, Keith shared that his wife had been “running around the neighbourhood, as she does, and didn’t see a pot-hole.”

“She rolled her ankle and got a small break so she’s been relegated to the boot for the past weeks but her spirit has been amazing,” he said.

Nicole will hopefully be back on two feet soon.

(Image: Instagram)

His ever supportive wife made sure the small matter of a broken ankle wasn’t going to stop her from cheering on her husband during his gig.

“@KeithUrban just had to play!! Isolating with live music at last night’s first #UrbanUnderground drive-in gig for the incredible #frontline workers at @VanderbiltHealth,” Nicole penned on Instagram.

“A huge THANK YOU to all @vanderbilthealth frontline workers who attended tonight’s special show at the drive in!” Keith added.

Since being holed up in Nashville during lockdown, Nicole and Keith have delighted fans with several Instagram Live concerts streamed on Keith’s social media channels.

Keith later confirmed his wife had broken her ankle.

(Image: Entertainment Tonight)

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald last week, the 52-year-old actress admitted she was heartbroken at not knowing when she’d see her mother Janelle, who lives in Australia, again.

“We’re in a position where we just have to relinquish control right now and go day by day,” she said.

But as much as she’s trying to stay positive, that hasn’t detracted from the hard reality of being away from her wider family.

“I have my immediate family here, but I don’t have my extended family, who are so much a part of me. I can’t touch them,” she said.

“So many people are in exactly the same position. So many people right now are going, ‘When do I see my family again?'”

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