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“Not glamourous”: Nat Barr and Kochie give a behind-the-scenes tour of Sunrise’s coverage of the Queen’s funeral

''An extraordinary 12 days. A highlight of my career.''
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Reporting on the Queen’s funeral in London may look like glitz and glam, but Sunrise hosts Nat Barr and David ‘Kochie’ Koch have given fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what covering the event was really like!

Taking to the Sunrise TikTok account, Nat took viewers on an impromptu tour of Channel Seven’s marquee set-up outside Buckingham Palace in London.

“We’re here for hours and hours and then lead into Sunrise,” she said.

Nat explained there is about 40 marquees each housing different media outlets from all “around the world.”

(Image: TikTok)

Nat explained there is about 40 marquees each housing different media outlets from all “around the world.”

“This is NBC. Their set-up is always bigger and better and more expensive than anyone else’s,” the TV personality said as the camera panned towards the marquee of the American media conglomerate.

In Channel Seven’s makeshift studio tent, the set-up was slightly more humble, with a collapsible table, chairs and media equipment.

“We’ve got our food, some coffee, and even a heater down there,” Nat said.

Nat was seeing taking out her hair extensions at 2am, while royal editor Rob Jobson slept in the media tent.

(Image: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Nat’s co-host Kochie shared several photos to Instagram showing viewers how exhausting the late nights and long hours were while covering the Queen’s death and funeral.

“An extraordinary 12 days. A highlight of my career. And these legends made it all possible,” he captioned a photo of the crew.

“But life on the road is NOT as glamorous as you may think.”

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Kochie then shared a photo of a Channel 7 cameraman having a quick nap while sitting on a pile of Eskys.

“Sleep when you can,” Kochie quipped.

In another behind-the-scenes photo, Sunrise‘s royal editor Rob Jobson was seen sleeping in a chair inside a media tent, with Kochie praising him for his hard work while covering the Queen’s death.

Kochie said reporting on the Queen’s funeral was a career highlight.

(Image: Seven)

“Rob Jobson’s schedule was unbelievable … an absolute professional,” Kochie said.

Another hilarious photo showed an exhausted Nat pulling out her hair extensions at 2am after a long day of filming.

“Couldn’t have done it without her,” Kochie said of his co-host Nat.

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