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Natalie Barr reveals the sweet way her husband is taking care of her while she battles COVID

It’s what she deserves.
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Natalie Barr’s husband, Andrew Thompson, is making sure the presenter is in the best care while she battles COVID.

The 54-year-old has been out of action from Sunrise all week while isolating, and now she has revealed how her husband is helping her recover.

She posted a picture of her breakfast in bed on her Instagram stories, which consisted of two perfectly poached eggs and pan-fried cherry tomatoes.

The mother-of-two also had a homemade coffee with a side plate of painkillers.

Her husband is making her feel as comfortable as possible.

(Image: Instagram)

However, there was one slight issue with the gesture from Andrew – her side effects from COVID.

“Losing my appetite a bit but getting used to this breakfast in bed situation #COVID,” she wrote.

Nat then gave her husband a shoutout by writing, “Husbands really come in handy sometimes.”

The couple tends to keep their relationship lowkey, and the film editor and journalist share two sons, Hunter and Lachlan.

During an interview with Stellar in 2020, she gave a rare insight into her family life.

Nat and Andrew are a lowkey couple.

(Image: Getty)

“I feel like I have two lives. I have this TV life, with the false eyelashes and the hairpieces, but then the rest of my life is like every other mum’s,” she told the publication.

“When I got up at 2.30 this morning, I took out the mince to make shepherd’s pie tonight and I’ll get the potatoes from Woolies on the way home.”

Nat and Andrew’s love story began when they met as flatmates when he moved in with her and her friend Kylie.

“We’d hang out a lot and he became as good a friend as any of my girlfriends.”

(Image: Instagram)

“We’d hang out a lot and he became as good a friend as any of my girlfriends.

“Somewhere along the line our relationship just changed – it was a natural evolution, and one day we realised that it was something more,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“We’ve been together 30 years now and I feel so lucky that we started as best friends. It’s a great way to begin a marriage.”

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