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Moana Hope reveals her “high risk” mother and sister were diagnosed with COVID in an emotional message

''I’ve had the most stressful 2 weeks of my life.''
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In November, Moana Hope was celebrating her daughter Svea’s first birthday, but behind the gleam of birthday wishes, she was dealing with her mother and sister Vinny’s COVID diagnosis.

Now, in a detailed Instagram post, the former AFLW player and Survivor star has opened up about “the most stressful two weeks” of her life and how she navigated the uncertainty her family members faced as “high risk” patients.

Moana, 33, posted an Instagram picture with her sister and mother and discussed the scary reality they faced this month in her caption.

“We also weren’t sure on how her immune system would hold up.”

(Credit: Instagram)

“Both my Mum and Vinny got Covid. We honestly weren’t sure how my mum would go, with all of her ongoing health issues and being classified as high-risk cases,” Moana wrote.

“And Vinny, we also weren’t sure on how her immune system would hold up, and she just didn’t understand what was actually happening to her or able to properly verbalise her symptoms.”

The mum-of-one shared that despite the intensity of the situation, she is proud of her mum and Vinny’s strength.

“Both were very sick, and we had some scary moments, but both we’re so bloody resilient, and they are okay and made it through. 🙏🏽 Vinny is having a couple more days off to rest and recover then she will be back at school, and we can’t wait to see them both ❤️,” she wrote.

To conclude her story, she thanked the nurses who worked tirelessly to take care of her family.

Moana with her wife Isabella and daughter, Svea.

(Credit: Instagram)

“I also want to thank all the nurses at the RMH. They contacted both my Mum and Vinny multiple times a day, every day to check on them and go over their vitals.

“They were honestly amazing. I can only assume this is a standard procedure for them, but me not being able to be there and knowing RMH were there to support both Vinny and my mum kept my mind at ease. #sothankful #relieved,” she finished.

Moana’s comment section quickly filled with messages detailing their remorse and joy that everyone is now safe.

“Oh Jesus! That’s so scary. So pleased to hear they’re ok ❤️ xx,” wrote one fan, and another penned, “Christ. How scary for you all. Glad everyone is on the mend now.”

A follower commented, “😢 Sorry to hear, but glad they are on the mend, thank goodness for science ❤️,” and Moana replied, “I’ve never in my life been more grateful for it 🙏🏽.”

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In a recent chat with Now To Love, Moana spoke about her plans to fall pregnant and admitted she’s excited to experience the ups and downs of carrying a child.

“From what I’m told, pregnancy is like a roller coaster of an experience,” she said.

“I’m trying to carry the second one, which is going to be exciting! I know at the same time, watching Belle go through it was one experience, but doing it yourself is completely different.”

The former athlete shares her daughter with her model wife, Isabella Carlstrom, who she married in 2019.

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