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Mindy Kaling speaks out for the first time about her surprise pregnancy

The star got candid about what life will be like as a first-time parent.
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Comedian, writer and director Mindy Kaling has opened up publicly about her pregnancy for the first time after it was rumoured last month.

Speaking on the Sunday Today show (which will air in September), the 38-year-old actress said, “It’s so unknown to me. I have a lot of control over a lot of aspects of my life, and this is one where I’m like, ‘Okay, it’s out of my hands,’ which is kind of a fun feeling.”

“As you know, it’s so easy to criticise parenting until you’re a parent,” she joked, “so one of the nice things about becoming a parent is that I’ll be able to openly criticise other parenting, because I’ll have a child.”

Kaling confessed that her mother, who died in 2012 from pancreatic cancer, will be the inspiration behind her parenting style.

“My mum was incredibly fierce and so devoted to us, just loved us and really wanted us to be happy no matter what we did,” she candidly explained. “My career choice was not something that she was familiar with and she was just so supportive of that. And if I could give that to my child, just that open-mindedness, I’d be so happy.”


The Office alum is busy working on the Disney adaptation A Wrinkle In Time and her hilarious series The Mindy Project.

It is unknown at this stage who the father is, but she has previously spoken about her desire to have kids.

She once told Yahoo! Style, “I think I’ve decided that unlike everything else in my life, I’m going to be fast and loose about kids. I’m going to not actively plan, but if it happens, it would happen.”

“I’m not cavalier about who I would have a kid with,” she continued. “But the thing I ask every parent that I really admire, the one comment they all have is that they wish they had kids earlier.”

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