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EXCLUSIVE: Michala Banas spills on celebrating her wedding anniversary and expanding their family in lockdown

“We were planning to have a big party."
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This time just over a year ago, Michala Banas stole away to New York to tie the knot with her partner of several years, actor Toby Truslove. The couple eloped – it was a small affair, but they always planned to celebrate their one-year anniversary with family and friends.

But then the pandemic struck and all those carefully made plans evaporated into thin air.

“We were planning to have a big party with our mates because we’d eloped and wanted to share in the celebration with everyone, but of course that wasn’t possible,” Michala tells TV WEEK from Melbourne during Lockdown 2.0.

The city, troubled by a COVID-19 infection rate greater than the rest of the country, is enduring strict stage-four lockdowns.

Needless to say, their anniversary was decidedly more low-key.

“We baked a cake, ordered some takeaway and dressed in our wedding outfits for dinner at home,” Michala says. “It was awesome!”

“The couple who mask together…”


The 41-year-old might be busy doing a whole lot of nothing right now, but that wasn’t the case last year.

As well as filming a new comedy, Fam Time, for Channel Seven, she took a lead role in the new Halifax: Retribution, co-starring Rebecca Gibney, who is also the crime drama’s executive producer.

The pair hit it off immediately.

“I love Rebecca so much!” she says. “I’d heard how delightful she is, but wasn’t prepared for how awesome she’d be. We had a blast making the show and I’ve got an amazing new friend in her.”

The actresses have become close since filming together.


“Michala is just a breath of fresh air,” Rebecca, equally effusive, says. “We’re very lucky to have her. This is the first time we’ve worked together – she plays a cop as well. She said to me the other day, ‘I’ve got to do a scene where I run with a gun and say ‘Police!’ In my 35 years, I’m more excited about running with a gun and saying that than anything else!'”

“I did say that,” Michala says with a laugh. “It was hysterical. I went onto set the other day with my weapon, and a couple of people were like, ‘Oh, that’s so funny – why didn’t they give you a normal-sized gun? I was like, ‘This is normal!’ It was enormous on me because I’m a pipsqueak!”

Michala plays a cop on the new series.


Michala clearly had lots of fun in Halifax. She’s excited that it’s finally on air.

“It’s a gripping story, so I think people will get right into it,” she says.

Like the rest of us stuck at home, Michala will be watching it from the comfort of her couch, cuddled up to husband Toby and their brand-new pup.

“I’ve been enjoying being at home,” she says of the latest COVID lockdown. “We got a puppy two weeks ago, so he’s occupying a lot of our time and energy.

“Toby and I have always wanted a dog, so this is an opportunity to bond and hopefully get him house-trained before going back to work. Fingers crossed!”

Michala and Toby have taken the chance to expand their family.


Michala knows how important it is to stay positive during these difficult times, so she’s been making sure to take time for her mental health each day.

“I feel very lucky – during the first lockdown, a friend of mine offered to teach a bunch of mates tai chi,” she says. “We Zoom four days a week for an hour-and-a-half each session and have been doing so for a few months now.

“It’s heaven. It’s been keeping me sane and stopping me from being on the couch too much.”

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