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Meghan Trainor dreams of helping rising stars reach the top

''It's my dream to help others.''
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When Meghan Trainor was approached to become a judge on Australian Idol, the US hit-maker said yes straight away.

The singer says she’s always wanted the opportunity to help others pursue their dreams.

”When my team asks what’s on my bucket list, I say to be on TV and help others with their dreams,””she tells TV WEEK.

”When they told me Australian Idol was looking into me, it was a no-brainer.”

This international hit maker is ready to find Australia’s newest singer talent on Idol.

(IMAGE: Seven)

Meghan has worked on similar shows, such as The Voice in the UK, but Australia is special to her, as she was travelling here when her music went global.

Her first radio interview in Australia was with Kyle Sandilands, who’s now a fellow judge, and who she calls her buddy.

”Australia has had a big place in my heart, because when I landed here in 2015 or 2016, I had a number one song in America and I was like, ‘Oh my God – it’s going global!”’ Meghan says.

”The first radio interview I did was with Kyle [Sandilands]. We did a bunch of skits together and I thought, ‘I hope he remembers me.”

Will you be tuning in?

(IMAGE: Seven)

He did and, sitting next to each another on the judging panel, the pair have been getting along famously, bantering in front of the talented individuals performing since filming began in October 2022.

Meghan even played Kyle her latest single, Made You Look, before it was officially released.

”He was like, ‘That’s a hit – I’m going to play this first,”’ she says.

”I thought he was just gassing me, but he was right. I’m so grateful he cared to listen to it, but I was also like, ‘Well, you put it on the radio.”’

Thanks to support in high places, and a viral TikTok trend, Meghan’s song has been playing non-stop across all mediums.

”So Kyle’s been my hero and cheerleader the whole time,” the star says.

Performing on the US Today Show in 2022.

(IMAGE: Supplied)

Meghan also shares a special connection with Amy Shark since being on Idol.

”She’s to my left on the judging panel and is my new bestie in life,” she enthuses.

”I can’t imagine life without her now. She’s so funny and cool. When we were doing photo shoots, she’d be shy and I’d just be trying to cheer her on from the side.”

Participating in the audition tour meant covering serious ground across Australia. She went to Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and even Alice Springs.

She says her favourite spot was Simpsons Gap in the West MacDonnell Ranges near Alice Springs.

”I’ve never been to a place so beautiful,” she says.

”That was one of my favourite moments for sure.”

Meghan says she wants to help rising stars get their start where she had hers: ”in the US.”

(IMAGE: Seven)

Meghan has set herself an unusual personal goal on Idol: to have a second child with husband Daryl Sabara.

”I’m trying to get pregnant – not in front of the cameras, but it’s a goal for 2023,” she says with a laugh.

The singer is also excited to return to Australia to complete the show and raise her son Riley, who’s one, here for two months.

”I’m excited to show my whole family – including my dad, who’s coming to Australia for the first time,” she says.

Meghan with fellow judges Kyle, Amy and Harry Connick Jnr.

(IMAGE: Seven)

As for the talent on Idol, Meghan believes they should all be winners.

”There are some really special people coming on the show,” she shares.

”I tell them right away, ‘You have a chance at winning; you’re perfect,”’ she says with a laugh.

”There’s already crazy good talent that I’ve said to my team that if they don’t win, we’re signing them.”

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