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She’s one of Australia’s most famous models, but Megan Gale almost nabbed this iconic superhero acting role

Talk about a sliding doors moment!
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We love Megan Gale for her incredible modelling career, which reached international heights when she received her big break in Italy.

While making a mark in Europe, she also made her acting debut in a local movie called Stregati Della Luna, in which she played femme fatale Viviana/Luna.

Turns out that was the start of her lesser-known acting career as Megan went on to play a small role in the Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel 2005 action movie Stealth Mad Max, made a cameo in the Aussie soap Wonderland and portrayed Francesca in the 2010 rom-com I Love You Too.

But the model and mum-of-two’s biggest acting credit happened in the mid 2000s when she was picked to play the iconic Wonder Woman.

Megan reflected on what could have been after coming across her Wonder Woman script while cleaning.

(Image: Instagram)

Director George Miller was working on a highly anticipated Justice League: Mortal, and had his sights set on Megan to play the iconic super hero.

It was meant to become her big Hollywood break, but when the Writers Guild of America strike went down in 2007 and 2008, the movie was canned.

Almost 15 years later in February 2022, Megan was cleaning out her office when she came across the scrapped script and shared a picture of her copy on her Instagram story.

“The things you find when cleaning out your office,” she remarked in her caption, before sharing pictures of herself dressed as Wonder Woman from her archives.

Gal Gadot (right) ended up playing the part of Wonder Woman a decade later.

(Image: Instagram/DC)

Beside a powerful shot of her in the costume she wrote, “There she is,” and in another she pondered, “Almost but not quite. Never meant to be but grateful, nonetheless. As it still led to great things.”

However, Megan did go on to star as Valkyrie in George Miller’s 2015 action hit Mad Max: Fury Road.

“It was unfortunate that it didn’t happen, but it was great because I got to meet George Miller, and he then wanted to work with me again, and he created a role for me in Mad Max: Fury Road,” Megan told TheFIX in 2016 of her Wonder Woman role.

“So that was incredible that I got that opportunity. It was kinda like Wonder Woman happened so I could do Mad Max.”

Megan reminisced about playing Valkyrie in 2015 hit Mad Max: Fury Road on Instagram.

(Image: Instagram)

She added that it was “a really lovely surprise” to see the promotional photos as it had been seven years since she’d seen them.

“We were just doing costume trials…we just did full dress, costume and hair and wardrobe, and we did a photoshoot. But I’m glad that we got that far into production that we had those photos!”

“As long as my son thinks I’m Wonder Woman [I’m fine],” she said of her then two-year-old son River. “If that means I’m ‘super-mum’, I’m fine!”

Even though Israeli actor Gal Gadot ended up helming the role, we can’t help but feel a little biased for Megan’s lost performance.

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When Mad Max came out in 2015, Megan found herself surrounded by a star-studded class, including fellow models Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Abby Lee Kershaw.

Ahead of the film’s release, she spoke to the Daily Telegraph about the stigmas surrounding models who choose to act.

“People aren’t very accepting of it, and they can be sceptical,” she explained.

“On the flip side, there are very low expectations of me as a performer, so I can only go upwards from here. I don’t let that affect my confidence. You do the best job you can.”

“People aren’t very accepting of it, and they can be sceptical,” Megan said of models who branch out into acting roles.

(Image: Getty)

Megan’s role in the dystopian film was short but important, and in conversation with the Sydney Morning Herald, she revealed it was intimidating acting while not wearing clothes in front of Oscar-winner Charlize Theron.

“I was more worried about the scene with her than being nude because I didn’t want to let her down. So that was pretty terrifying.”

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