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Our hearts are melting! Meet Robert Irwin’s girlfriend Tess Poyner

She’s a wildlife photographer, too!
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We’ve seen Robert Irwin grow up in front of our eyes but now the 13-year-old son of Terri and Steve Irwin is in the midst of his wildest adventure to date – young love!

For the past three years Bob has been tagging along with his big sister Bindi Irwin and her boyfriend Chandler Powell – but his days of third wheeling are over.

It’s time to tee up a double date because young Robert Irwin has fallen for fellow wildlife lover 14-year-old Tess Poyner.

Don’t they make such a sweet duo!

Robert is the youngest of the Irwin clan.

We’re not crying…

It’s believed the pair met 
at the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the 
Year awards in Adelaide a few months ago and have stayed 
in touch since.

Zoo insiders reveal they’re well on their way to becoming an item.

In September, smitten Robert invited Narooma High School student Tess to stay 
with him for a week at Australia Zoo, just like Bindi did with Chandler in the early days 
of their romance.

Young Robert has even “loved” Tess’ cover photo of them, that she posted on her Facebook page.

They both adore the outdoors!

And proud Robert couldn’t wait to play tour guide as he introduced Tess to the place 
he values most in all the world – and his favourite animals, 
from green tree snakes to koalas, giraffes and water dragons.

“I had so much fun with the best photographer, herper and buggy driver on the planet! 
@robertirwinphotography Thankyou so much for such an amazing week,” Tess cooed on Instagram, finishing off her message with a heart emoji.

Lovestruck Robert was 
quick to return the compliment, saying, “Thank you so much 
for such an awesome adventure. I had a great time!”

Clearly enchanted by skilled photographer Tess, Robert posted another sweet couple shot of the pair and lavished 
her with compliments, adding Tess is “one of the best lizard catchers on the planet.”

Fans are excited about the blossoming relationship, too. “You two are very sweet! Love the wildlife photography of both of you!” commented one, while another added, “Cute couple!”

On Instagram, Tess thanked Robert for helping her have a blast Australia Zoo: “I had so much fun with the best photographer, herper and buggie driver on the planet! @robertirwinphotography Thankyou so much for such an amazing week ❤️.”


They’re not the only ones hoping Robert and Tess make things official.

Bindi, 19, is 
said to be over the moon Bob’s taken the first step to finding 
his soulmate – a fellow wildlife lover, too – just like she has 
with Chandler.

She couldn’t be happier for her little brother.

A fan of Tess, she even wished her a happy birthday, penning, “Wishing you a very Happy Birthday beautiful @tess_poyner ❤️☺️.”

“We are sending lots of hugs your way xxx”

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