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Magda Szubanski takes full credit for David Campbell’s almost 17-year marriage to Lisa

"It was ALL my fault!''
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Magda Szubanski has revealed she takes full credit for David Campbell’s almost 17-year relationship with his wife Lisa.

The comedian made her claim clear on Lisa’s Instagram in the comment section of her Valentine’s Day post dedicated to the Today Extra star.

Alongside a picture of the couple who share three children, Betty, Billy, and Leo, she gushed with adoration about David and their love.

“I’m a day late. We are heading into our 17th year together. I love him so much. What a guy,” she penned.

“I love him so much. What a guy.”

(Image: Instagram)

The cute post garnered attention from her in-laws, David’s father Jimmy Barnes and sister Mahalia Barnes, with the former commenting, “Yea, I love him too,” and the latter a single red heart.

Magda then swooped in with her public declaration, which she filled with hilarious anecdotes and a steadfast claim to the inception of their marriage.

She began, “And it was ALL my fault!

“I will continue to take credit for this glorious match (made in heaven with finishing touches by moi) until the day I die!!!”

She signed off her message with a sincere comment about their bond.

“I will continue to take credit for this glorious match.”

(Image: Instagram)

“Yours is the kind of love we all dream of I love you both so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

David and Lisa fatefully met in a dressing room for some pre-show drinks at the Melbourne Theatre Company.

In an interview with 9Honey, David revealed that their first interaction was over beers during his typical Thursday dressing-room drinks.

He asked Lisa if she would like, “Becks or Heineken?”

She had asked for a Becks; it was then that he knew that his world would never be the same.

They are celebrating 17 years together this year.

(Image: Instagram)

“She just – she brightened my world that time. And so that was it,” he told the publication. “The first impression was charming and disarming.”

But where does Magda enter stage left on this story?

Well, they were backstage at her show.

David and Lisa revealed they were introduced through the Kath and Kim star when Lisa was working as a theatre actress.

“I was over in Australia with a touring play. We did six weeks in Sydney and six weeks in Melbourne, and the people in my cast were obsessed with Kath and Kim,” Lisa said.

“Magda was in a musical in Melbourne at the time, my friends and I went to see the show Magda was in, and we muscled our way backstage, and we became friends.”

A backstage, which of course, was where David had been hanging out and would soon pass her a beer.

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