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Olivia Frazer has unfinished business with MAFS as she unveils new project

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The tenth season of Married At First Sight Australia is set to air on January 30, but former bride Olivia Frazer is not ready to say goodbye to the series just yet, after announcing a new partnership.

The MAFS star has joined with Yahoo Lifestyle to create a series of videos discussing the 2023 season.

Olivia ranked the brides and grooms!

(Image: Instagram)

The first installment recreated the shows ‘photo ranking challenge’ where Olivia rated the new brides and grooms based on their attractiveness.

Olivia’s new series comes just months after the 29-year-old accused MAFS producers of favouritism after her arch-rival Domenica Calarco secured an exclusive TV series on Nine Now, titled Dom’s Debrief.

The streaming series featured interviews with Domenica’s former co-stars to discuss their lives after the dating series, including Jack Millar, Ella Ding and Al Perkins.

Olivia featured on the ninth season of MAFS.

(Image: Instagram)

When the trailer released and appeared to suggest Olivia would be involved, she posted a series of furious videos to social media. Olivia furiously shutdown speculation, saying: “I know that promo alludes to some sort of involvement from me, that is misleading and absolutely false.”

The partnership announcement closely follows Dom’s claim that the legal investigation regarding Olivia and the OnlyFans scandal – where nude images of Dom were shared among MAFS castmates – had been “stalled”.

In a story shared to Instagram, Dom claimed Olivia and other parties refused to talk to the police.

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“I did get a call two weeks ago from the police [telling me] at this stage in the investigation it has kind of stalled because Olivia was contacted and she didn’t want to talk, which is her legal right,” she claimed.

At this stage, Olivia has not responded to Dom’s claims.

It is certainly surprising to fans that Olivia would discuss MAFS after claiming she received the ‘villain edit’ in 2022. But the OnlyFans creator might have revenge on her mind, after telling followers the MAFS producers should stop using her for promotion.

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