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MAFS’ Martha Kalifatidis reveals her growing baby bump in candid update

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Married At First Sight star Martha Kalifatidis and partner Michael Brunelli have shared an update of their growing baby bump in a post to Instagram.

MAFS power duo Martha and fiancee Michael Brunelli first announced they were expecting a baby together in early September after finding out during their trip in Rome, Italy.

And oh my does she look ready to pop!

Fans cannot wait for the baby to arrive.

(Image: Instagram)

“Coming soon…” Michael wrote in his Instagram caption.

Fans have also watched Martha’s baby bump grow in the previous months as the couple share candid updates, with many followers commenting they believed the baby’s gender is a girl.

She has grown so much since her very first update back in September, when the baby was only the size of a capsicum.

This was her first baby bump update.

(Image: Instagram)

“An update,” Martha wrote. She also placed a green capsicum emoji on her belly to represent the current size of her growing baby.

The pregnancy announcement came as a surprise after the couple drastically cut down their social media presence in July during their European holiday, when Michael later confessed Martha was seriously ill and had to return home.

Fans feared the worst for Martha’s health as she battled an unexplained illness, but the couple’s later confession that Martha was actually pregnant turned worry into excitement.

They found out about Martha’s pregnancy in Rome.

(Image: Instagram)

“It’s been a minute since we’ve been online, so we wanted to explain our situation and make a little bit of an announcement, and that is that Martha is pregnant,” Michael began.

However, Martha revealed that her pregnancy has not been the most “exciting wonderful time” she had hoped for as she suffers from hyperemesis gravidarum which is a rare pregnancy condition that causes extreme morning sickness including severe nausea and vomiting.

“I don’t want to sound like I am complaining, we are so excited, we are so happy. It was a complete surprise,” she explained.

She was diagnosed with a rare pregnancy condition five weeks in.

(Image: Instagram)

“But at five weeks I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, which is basically severe chronic nausea and vomiting with no relief. It is like 24/7.

“I literally did not get out of bed for two months, I was so sick. I could not eat or drink anything. There were days that I did not even get up to pee.

“I feel really bad because I don’t really know how to navigate this and talk about this because I feel like there’s women who have the best time when they’re pregnant. And then there’s people who struggle so hard, and they will do anything to be pregnant,” she admitted.

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With Martha due in less than two months, it comes as no surprise to bubs to be is moving and grooving around in the womb, Michael sharing a sweet (or should we say scary) video to his Instagram stories in the days prior to Christmas of the couple ooohing and ahhing at the gymnastics their growing baby was doing.

Not long now!

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