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Controversial MAFS dad has hinted at an OnlyFans account with his fiancée

Fans are shocked.
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One of the more controversial grooms on Married At First Sight has hinted at a potential OnlyFans account.

Father to eleven-month-old twins, Bryce Ruthven has shared his thoughts on the adult subscription-based platform on his Instagram story and even suggested his fiancée Melissa Rawson could feature as well.

Bryce is one of the more controversial characters from MAFS.

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“We have been asked this a ridiculous amount of times,” he said. “Short answer. You never know with Liss. She is on maternity leave,” he responded to a fan who asked in a Q&A on Instagram.

“Asking for a mate… what’s the going rate these days,” he joked.

Melissa gave birth to her 10-week premature twins, Levi and Tate, in October 2021. Since their birth, the couple have been posting very honest parenting updates, including catastrophic nights that have lead to sleep deprivation.

The twins were born 10 weeks early.

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“I wasn’t feeling parenthood for a few reasons; I really struggled with their adjusted vs actual age, sleep deprivation, the repetitiveness of everything that goes with babies (wake up, nappy change, feed, nap, repeat – over and over and over again!),” she said.

“In fact, the entire newborn phase, I really did not enjoy. It was almost my undoing. And I’m a lucky one that had all the support and help that I could possibly need and still felt like I was drowning.”

Given Melissa’s and Bryce’s parenting persona they have created online, it has come as a surprise that the pair would be involved in OnlyFans. However, Melissa is yet to comment on her fiancées comment.

Will Melissa comment on Bryce’s OnlyFans comment?

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The television show MAFS has faced the brunt of a lot of controversy as a large majority of the brides and grooms join OnlyFans not long after their season has finished airing.

A more recent MAFS inclusion to the adult subscription-based platform is Kate Laidlaw who has created an account with her twin sister.

Domenica Calarco also relaunched her account, but said she will post more “PG” and ’empowering’ content after Olivia Frazer shared an intimate photo of Domenica MAFS which then ignited one of the biggest feuds in the shows history.

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