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Lisa Wilkinson: ‘Nothing prepares you for the death of a baby’

Lisa Wilkinson has spoken about the three devastating miscarriages she suffered while trying to have a fourth child.

The TODAY Show host already had three kids – Jake, Louis and Billi – with husband Peter FitzSimons when they decided to try for a fourth.

Lisa told radio host Katie ‘Monty’ Dimond on her Show and Tell blog that she fell pregnant relatively easily, but was left inconsolable when a scan revealed the baby had died at just 11 weeks.

“There is really nothing that prepares you for that moment when they do a scan and they say ‘the baby’s dead’,” she said.

“Just nothing prepares you for that.

“Because you know when you’ve been lucky enough to give birth and you meet that person for the first time, and you just think, ‘Wow, you’re that little person!’.”

They decided to try again but the next pregnancy ended in miscarriage at eight weeks and the one after that at just six weeks before deciding to stop trying.

“Obviously my eggs were done,” she said. “If you’re lucky enough to have even one child, you think, ‘I’ve won the lottery, so I’m not going to push this anymore’.”

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