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Lisa Curry confesses health complications following daughters death

Wishing her the best!
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Lisa Curry reveals she has battled a serious health condition which has led to her being hospitalised twice this year.

During an interview on The Morning Show, Lisa confessed she was suffering from Atrial fibrillation which is a condition that causes a fast and irregular heart rate.

Lisa is suffering from heart issues.

(Image: Instagram)

Such health issues can potentially result in blood clots in the heart, increased risk of stroke and heart failure.

“I don’t know where I have got that. It has just appeared. The doctors say I need to be weaned off alcohol and coffee, and that is hard,” she revealed on the breakfast show.

The former Olympic swimmer said she has been taking beta blocker medication in order to manage the condition, but it was making her tired.

Since her daughter Jaimi Lee Kenny passed away in 2020, Lisa has been heartbroken ever since. In 2021, the mother was hospitalised due to chest pain but convinced herself the pain was a result of “heartache.”

Lisa’s daughter passed away in 2020.

(Image: Instagram)

“I’m in hospital. It’s day 5 after coming in with chest pain, a wide squeezing band around my chest and back. All my tests are good.

Everyone is stumped,” she wrote on Instagram at the time.

“But you can’t test for heartache.”

Only two years later was Lisa able to say one final goodbye to her daughter on Mount Kosciuszko where she laid Jaimi’s ashes to rest alongside some memorabilia.

Lisa posted a tribute to Instagram, where she also mentioned taking medication for her heart complications. But assured her doctor that there were “no issues” other than her body feeling weighed down with lactic acid.

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“I needed something to help me find focus again and get out of bed but my main purpose was to take my daughters ashes to the top of Mt Kosciusko,” she said.

“I can honestly say it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. My beautiful friend Christine didn’t leave my side which I was very grateful for. The water is my comfort zone, not mountains.

“This spot on top of Mt Kosciusko is the closest to heaven that I could get so it was very meaningful to me.

“Everyone has their own way of honouring those that are special to them. Fly free beautiful angel. Never forgotten. Xxx”

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